Monday, June 29, 2009

....and they lived happily ever after!!!

Shopping is easy! I do it ALMOST everyday, and I enjoy my unhealthy habits!
SHOPPING FOR AN OCCASION though, can be extremely tricky, even for the most experienced shopper AKA, ME!
The occasion is not difficult to guess, entails white long dress, a cake with plastic people on it, and a sea of heels & stilettos!
Guessed already?
Yeap, I had a wedding to attend!

Most people just buy a dressy dress and they are off the hook!
For me it was a whole process as most of the times the way I am dressed defines my mood, and the vibes I am sending.
NO, I'm not crazy or anything I just mean it in terms of : sexy, romantic, fierce etc. & don't get me wrong but I can tell a lot by how people are dressed. the point!
I spent many days reading piles of magazines (finding NOTHING), and an exhausting day at the Mall where I literally ruined a pair of shoes, narrowing my options down to 3 dresses!

L to R: See by Chloe, M Missoni, 5226 by C. Kritharioti.
Cute, romantic, nice colours, AND multifunctional (serves skirt duties as well!!!)

So there I was, hours before the wedding, dress and shoes all set, but still obsessing over which clutch fitted perfectly.

Dress & Clutch #1 (Reiss)
Clutch #2 (TOPSHOP)
Clutch #3 (Obvious...*Smiley face*)
I've already introduced you to those babies a post ago...
AND nails done (by me...) rare phenomenon!

Seeing the pictures I realize that the Reiss and hot pink clutch were the best options, yet I ended up with the miu miu one. The camera space won me over, and (I don't deny it) it's hard to ignore something new over relatively "old" stuff.

The looks:
Here I am, all dressed up with two beloved friends (who have no idea about this blog...I think, so the face-over). You may also check my suffering feet, proving me (once more) right on that I am a flat(shoe)-person.
As for the event, remember when you attend those weddings where boredom makes time stop, and you wish you were dipped in a pop-corn bowl watching the silliest movie?
We partied till we dropped (the groom dropped first...)!

...couple was gorgeous, this was the first wedding I didn't actually wanna shoot my brains out, so....may they live happily ever after....!!

G&P 27/6/2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Remember my "Shop-porn" post where I simply ... couldn't resist???
This time I entered a shoe store looking for something SPECIFIC, and once more....


Leather+Tan+Chunky: That was the SPECIFIC I was looking for!
No words, design marvel (...AND with a touch of pink): COULDN'T RESIST(1)!
Studs&Bows all in one, what more can I say?: COULDN'T RESIST(2)

No words: COULDN'T RESIST (3,4,5,6,7,8,9.......)

The only "old" thing in the picture are those vintage shades, bought from the best vintage store in Europe, selling glasses exclusively...Mr. Mimi's "Fountain of Glasses"

...yet all those babies are now home....MY HOME....!

+I haven't forgot about the post from my fashion show backstage experience, I am just stuck in technicalities...coming up soon though...PROMISE!

SPECIFIC: haralas
COULDN'T RESIST (1): haralas
COULDN'T RESIST (2): Simple Character/Mall
COULDN'T RESIST (3,4,5,6,7,8,9.....): Accessorize (most), Bangles:Oysho

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Have you heard?

C. from Fashion paths, and Greek designer Vasso Consola are Cat Fighting...!!!

You haven't? How come?

Check it out here, and here, AND here, AAAAND there!!

Scandal started with this photo:

Marc by Marc Jacobs VS Vasso Consola

Ok the similarity is striking (pattern wise) , and C. obviously had a point, BUT the designer, in her try to defend herself insulted the entire fashion blogger's community with no reason.

What a silly move!
C's blog isn't that famous yet, few Greek blogs are.
In Miss Consola's shoes, I would have tried to reduce attention on the matter.

She on the contrary did anything possible for the world to find out about the twin dresses!
Plus, just because fashion bloggers may turn into the fiercest creatures when united, the designer's points lost credibility within all those angry posts!

After all, crowds crucified Jesus, how could a poor designer get away, with not even the holly spirit on her side...!!!

As for my opinion on this fuzz, and because I love anything intriguing, I believe that both C. and Miss Consola were benefited by this confrontation.
As a marketing graduate, I learned my lesson on how there's no such a thing as bad publicity.
So girls: shake hands, take reconciliation pictures, and watch Miss Consola's next fashion show cheek to cheek.
When you do, make sure to send some pics my way.
I, the peacemaker (as I wanna declare myself on the matter) will publish them to show-off how civilized Greeks (STILL) are..!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First & Eternal...

The fact that I am attached to any childhood reminicent can't be hidden!

Toys, cartoons, bubble gum, ice creams even clothes that remind me what I used to be back in primary school, I am emotionally attached with, and always draw my attention (...along with quite an amount of my monthly income).

All these childhood stuff blended I am seeing, when I am checking out Murakami's
That I worship him, I've already mentioned HERE, I've actually followed his work before he became LV-famous, and consequently: mass produced!

Back in the days when youtube was far from being conseived as an idea, I was browsing, like crazy, all over the web for KaiKai & Kiki's videos.
+ His flower/trademark was all over my room, back in the days...!
All this intro just to present you with his new LV campaign video "First Love" animated film with the girl from his past video "Superflat Monogram"(all grown-up now, 6 years after) leading.
Of course I am still not into LV bags and I consider them the prettiest way to claim your lack of imagination (especially with all those knock-offs in da hood), yet I couldn't but fall in love with the animated film!

Eye Candy!
The only store I'd rather buy the decoration rather than the goodies...!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

STYLING in it!


What happens when fashion bloggers invade an exhibition?

-People stop checking out art, and the start checking wacky girls taking pictures of them and their shoes!

That's what happens!

Hitting a graffiti exhibition turned into extreme fun having, with all fellow fashion bloggers, and a weblebrity.
Amalucky AKA Amalia Agathou (Glamour Magazine) might not be a fashion blogger yet she drew all attention with her flashy pink maxi dress!

For the moment my blogging habbits go through a recess period. I blame it on the heat and I am hopping I will somehow regain my blog-appetite soon.
+ I had a special invitation to join a fashion show crew over at the Femmina expo Athens. Details and pictures comming up!


There's something with me and yellow (rubber) ducks!

Blogging crew posing in front of the artwork, pretending to be THE artwork (Lopi missing)

cropped top: Zara, cut-offs: Levi's, belt: MNG, bag: Uterque (overused...), sandals: moms, bangles: Uterque,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wake me up when October ends...

Ok I wasn't really excited with the latest H&M host designer, cause I am not really into Matthew Williamson....well NOW I AM!!!

Jimmy Choo, 4 H&M?? (mouth dead opened)

...I was mocking those girls who wait infront of the store @ 8.00 a.m, I am seriously considering it!!!

Available worldwide on Saturday the 14th of november!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one with the TWISTED skirt!

Ok, I know I 've been long gone & I can't be described as a responsible blogger's role model, but everyday stuff and a stay-over a friend's house kept me from fulfilling my blogging duties!!!
Now I am back for good though,AND with a double outfit....! goodie!
Are you aware of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; they are the same person, in different versions (normal, evil).
There was this skirt I bought, the type I am obsessed with: mini-high waist.
I thought it was a typical skirt.
Little did I know!
The skirt end up having double personality: conservative/secretar-ish during the morning, and quirky and wild at nighttime.

That's what I am talking about...!

Dr. Jekyll:


...all this double personality thing, confused my headbands to an extend they thought they were food!
Check it out:

Ok the second one took it too far....
My stuff are out of control!

BTW, remember all this jelly fuss HERE? I forgot to mention that I actually owned a pair of jelly sandals, and that is because I forgot I ever bought them....IMAGINE!
I am really starting to worry about myself...
So YES in the 2nd picture I DO wear shoes, plastic and transparent ones!

Invisibility cloaks are nothing in front of them... (:P)

Mr Hyde: tunic: ZARA, skirt: ZARA, flats: Marc Jacobs, Bag: ZARA, glasses: Ray-Ban
Dr. Jekyll: tank top: American Vintage, skirt ZARA, bag:TOPSHOP, sandals: FENG-SHOE (2008)

Headbands: Accessorize

Something cute
@Cheeky@ the cat

Thursday, June 11, 2009

you BEACH!

Who doesn't love lazying around @ the beach?
Who's the #1 beach addict?
ME...(& some other people I know...)
Which is the most iconic beach picture?
The one on the left!

I just realized that I live in a country where beachwear is a MUST...!
Maybe this isn't the case for other countries, but there's no way you wont hit the beach at least 20 times before summer ends, IF you live here...(or if you are a Hawaii effing lucky b*%#$rd...)!

My closet, in its summer version, suffers from beachwear overload.
Cut-offs, tunics, bags, swimwear....all kinds of stuff.
For that PARTICULAR weekend, H&M , ZARA , Oysho, and d&g (!) ( piece, chill I am still into Inditex more than anything...) , dressed me up!
Enjoy (....the beach, not me...)!

Zara Straw Bag ~ special price....BARGAIN!

Chilly ~ The NEUROTIC dog

~Me & my Hawaiian slippers~

and something cartoony or else I won't survive...!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hola!!! Back from a long rocking weekend which included all-day long fun!!!

I returned with a tan, and a craving for STRIPES!

  • Zebras love them!
  • Ovelix worshiped them!
  • Kate Moss can't take them off!
  • They're all over VOGUE
  • Can't find anyone who hates them....OH wait...prisoners might....hmm!



B. STRIPES....."holly wagamolly" I correctly bawled....!
  • Being a stripe left-behind?

Neither me, nor my new vintagy,brownish bag, I am having this crush on!!!


....yeap, I striped my way back into blogging!!! javascript:void(0)
glasses:RAY-BAN, dress: Oysho, vest: ZARA, bag: Uterque, shoes: Marc Jacobs jellies

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loose it-UP!

Ok, I must admit, I have too many Myconos-posts (here, here, here AND here), but I just can't help it!!!
Apart from loving any short of vacations, and vacation clothes, ...I seem to have a stash of outfit pictures that really fit the current weather, even if they are 2weeks old. So (!) here I am wearing this new garment, that layers itself.

Yes it does!

t's a double-layer shirt!

Is it too much that I combined it with loose pants?

I mean: loose shirt, loose pants...LOOSE-SELF!

*BUT* It was ultimately comfy! Air was flowing withing my clothes, and I was able to show all my dancing moves without annoying thoughts.
What am I talking about? I could even climb an air mill if I wanted to!

Why would anyone want that though...?

Auto-layered shirt: Shop (Sita Q), loose pants: Oysho, leather bag: TOPSHOP, sandals (I lv em): BCBG girl.
+ Random, after hour, drunk Island picture!

P.S: Did I mention I saw Annalynne McCord up-close, during my vacations in Myconos? ....Dedicated to all Nip-Tuck fans!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Some years ago I remember myself arrogantly saying to my Art teacher "I hate shapes with corners, I prefer round stuff, they sooth me up!". A year later all my work was pure geometry (teacher kept reminding me what I've said...).
Turns out, shapes combined may give the loveliest results visually!
So,since fashion is a treatment for my eyes, and (even if it is the world's most cliche phrase...) it shares quite a few similarities with Art, I can't help but being seriously drawn by any short of geometric catwalk designs!
Calvin Klein, Balenciaga
, Jonathan Saunders, the Greeks: Mary Katrantzou and DElight, they all experimented with geometry, and we all worshiped the result!
At least I did, so much that I was fiercely looking for one such garment myself!

I discover my treasure within 100 other See by Chloe treasures, and after having tried on the entire section, I ended up with my first attraction!

Dress: See by Chloe, Long Cardigan: Zara, Sandals: DKNY, Leather bag: TOPSHOP.
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