Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cinderellas' must-have!

I going through blogs and I am realizing this blogloving thing is getting big. I can't be left out of this blogo-community that's why I just became a member of it. For whoever is interested, although my experience is limited, I can assure you it's rather practical!!!

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Lately I've been looking for an all-time classic accessory. I am not really a watch-person, not an accessory-person either, though sometimes I really hate the view of my naked hands.
So instead of looking for bangles and accessorizing-stuff which I loose the third time I take a bath, I decided to go for something kinda "permanent"
(who am I kidding?..anyways)

I used to wear several swatch cartoony-ones, yet I am buying something more elegant now.
In a gift shop (octapus) I discovered this OOZOO brand with huge watches (lov'em).
They look so fine and their price is reasonable for someone who's getting easily bored, like ME!
However, during my watch-quest and in the middle of silly-stuff shopping, I found the time-piece Cinderella (due to her being a "too-late" icon) would die for .
Colorful, Playful, Digital & Plastic-Fantastic
I felt for it and (imagine..) I didn't even ask for the price, because I want for once to make an appropriate shopping-research. So mature of me... I am getting old... (sad face)....or broke...(happy face, at least I am not getting old)

NOTE: B. don't forget to buy glass slippers to match it with!

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