Thursday, May 14, 2009

Work-it out!

Isn't it weird how in my previous post I am wearing this chunky cardigan, and in this one legs and toes are out in the open?
Turns out...God listened to my prays!
This summerish uniform is a proof of how I am "working" on my summerish outfits!

(Me trying to resist eating my yummy wallet!)

Plus, I can even describe how inappropriately excited I got when I discovered that I share this unbelievably romantic shirt I bought last Christmas, with gorgeous+talented+famous: TOLYBANHBAO!
Lopi dearest,

Now I feel to my spine why you reacted like that, when seeing Alix from Cherry Blossom wearing your skirt!!!

+ my 2 favorite boards from the 7ply project

I am a graphic freak after all...

uniform: OYSHO, shirt: ZARA, gladiators: Nine West
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