Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art Athina 2009

It's beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Art Athina was, is, and will be, my #1 arty event.
So many artists, so many different styles, nice stuff, funny stuff, even twisted stuff, all together in one exhibition. I felt, not even the slightest sign of boredom in there.
Can't say more, my Sunday was a bliss!Take a look...
(Lopi already covered it with success, so that's what's left...)

Nice stuff:
Cartoony stuff:

My personal favorite:
Alexandros vasmoulakis
(or else zap51)
If I ever meet him I'll try to convince him to paint my future house...

Although I enjoyed everything can't help but evoking older such events, where there were more installations, and playful stuff.

+Having mentioned the "twisted" element of the exhibition, check out what was going on in the opening, HERE...
Art? or what?

Leaving without buying something? nooo....
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