Friday, March 20, 2009

NOSE-y car

I have no car, the idea of having one fascinates me, hence I felt the urge to post my dream car here, following the example of my one and only follower littlestylist. So here it is tiny, red, and nowhere to be found except in Bologna-Italy where we first laid eyes on each other. Unfort the long distance ruined our relationship.
The red glasses I bought from Como wouldn't leave my face if I was the owner of this 4-cycle miracle!
(I look hideous in the
second pic though I love the red and the background)

coat-ZARA skinnyjean-MNG bag-topshop shoes (hidden)-converse black

..and because the red nose fits the red car...I desperately want this Stella McCartney's tee for Comic Relief , a British charity organization, which is my personal favorite charity because of the name. I know what it's said about not judging a book from it's cover but if the cover has your favorite thing on, you cant resist!!!

p.s: This is my feasible dream car!
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