Saturday, June 20, 2009

STYLING in it!


What happens when fashion bloggers invade an exhibition?

-People stop checking out art, and the start checking wacky girls taking pictures of them and their shoes!

That's what happens!

Hitting a graffiti exhibition turned into extreme fun having, with all fellow fashion bloggers, and a weblebrity.
Amalucky AKA Amalia Agathou (Glamour Magazine) might not be a fashion blogger yet she drew all attention with her flashy pink maxi dress!

For the moment my blogging habbits go through a recess period. I blame it on the heat and I am hopping I will somehow regain my blog-appetite soon.
+ I had a special invitation to join a fashion show crew over at the Femmina expo Athens. Details and pictures comming up!


There's something with me and yellow (rubber) ducks!

Blogging crew posing in front of the artwork, pretending to be THE artwork (Lopi missing)

cropped top: Zara, cut-offs: Levi's, belt: MNG, bag: Uterque (overused...), sandals: moms, bangles: Uterque,
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