Thursday, July 2, 2009

Waldo's revenge!


Found him yet?

SPOTTED! Waldo wearing new glasses!
He actually sprayed black paint over his all-time round vintage glasses because he decided that everybody's looking for him & he's more of a celebrity than:

Mary-Kate Olsen


Nicole Ritchie


and Danny Robert's Illustrations...

...thus he needs more coverage!

Hiding isn't much of a money maker, so he couldn't afford Channel and apparently he's a sucker for DIY projects.

I, huge Waldo's fan, average money maker, and less into DIY, found those Channel copy-cuts, last year, somewhere in my favorite place, Zara...!
Half-half and quite glamorous, I simply couldn't resist buying a Nicole Ritchie's passion item embarrassed by a beloved cartoon of mine...!!

I shall check my family tree, me & Waldo MUST be related...!

Post inspired by this Facebook comment:
Me ton Where's Waldo moiazeis ligo edo --o "anthropos" exei stil! Prepi na me pas se ekeino to magazi me ta gualia iliou..."Paradeisos ton Gyalion"?? Asxeto??
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