Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What? ... where?


You think I am lost?
You think I've been abducted by Aliens?
You think a raccoon has bitten my laptop to death?


I am still here

A new pair of glasses

all my blogging appetite...

..to such an extend I am gonna plagiarize all the info relative to those glasses which stole my heart even though, as my mom said, they are the most worn looking NEW glasses ever!

"Raf Simons’ protégée Damir Doma has teamed up with Linda Farrow to present these sunglasses which is a new take on the classic wayfarer. The horn coloured frame is faintly rounded to create a fresh approach with the addition of a distressed chunky matt nose bridge. This style is part of a new line for SS09 – ‘Linda Farrow Projects’. Four exciting designers have each created a single pair of sunglasses that epitomizes their artistic style and complements their brand."


That's all folks...!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a boat to catch...!!!


...I am definitely digging for my need to blog, there....wish me luck finding it!

C'ya in a week Aligatoooors!!!

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