Friday, September 25, 2009

The one with the bloggers' field trip!

Nope, fashion bloggers didn't found their own company even though UFB's initials could have been a nice name for our next step as bloggers in the fashion industry (United Fashion Bloggers)
...UFB actually stands for
United Fashion Brands
...and it was the destination of our little bloggo-field trip last Saturday!

UFB is a fashion merchandising company in charge of several fashion brands mainly distributed though MORE&MORE stores in Greece.
In those stores you may find a variety of brands & different styles as the company's clothes pretty much cover all age groups and styles!
THE BUILDING, and bloggers playing around with their digitals (RARE!)
Tell me to go there every morning and I will fall in love with my alarm clock!
The showrooms-MADNESS!
Edgy necklaces & the sued jacket me & Hari loved!
''Broadway'' note that brand down!
IMG_0667 you can see, visiting its headquarters was a bliss, since me and my fellow blogger Hari K. from Soho Symposium had the chance to check out all the showrooms (...and they were many!) and check out collections that haven't even reached the market yet!
The company's manager, I AM TELLING YA, must be a very patient person, since we were going manic in view of several passion items!
In anyway, I loved the trip!
The opportunity to come closer to the industry I worship & visualize how it works was priceless
UFB I couldn't be MORE thankful!
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