Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lying garments!

Faux fur? You know (or at least so I hope!)
Faux leather? You know (and if you didn't, this winter got you sick of it...)
FAUX DENIM? Did you know???
From personal experience, I can assure you it's listed #1 among my *most comfy* clothes!
Denim pattern, printed on soft legging material gives the false impression of wearing jeans but takes their stiffness away.
Nonetheless, denim's thick, this isnt, but it looks like it its slimming effect is one more reason to go look for one.
Bought mine from Zara, very hesitatingly!Among others, it's perfect for travelling! Refined an othewise comfortable/boring outfit with funky old-tape necklace from Oysho.
Who knew I 'd find such treasure among knickers!

t-dress: Zara, sweater: converse, faux denim legging: Zara, shoes: you know..., pendant: Oysho


  1. My flatmate just bagged herself a pair of faux denim leggings -they look so good and comfy! Must get myself a pair x

  2. i so love your necklace...

    and the mix of the yellow cardigan along with the purple converse...

    i don't know a lot about faux denim(i seldom wear denim) but i know they look great on you you pull out a really nice combination..

    ps congrats for the glamour interview too..

  3. mu aresoun ta panta,oi fwto,to sunolo..
    i idea gia to pseutiko denim mu akugetai akrws endiaferousa k katallili gia kalokairi,isws dokimasw kanena apo to zara k egw..episis to kolie einai teeelio..
    sugxaritiria k apo mena gia ti sunenteuxi,k to top pu foruses sti photo itan uperoxo,me omorfa xrwmata k "kopsimo"!

  4. xaxa to katalava oti dn itan diko su!egrafe sto plai apo pou einai enw tis lopi pu foruse ta dika tis dn egrafe tpt..dn xerw k egw an tha to protimusa,einai k ligo kurile nomizw g ta gusta mu,alla su pigainan polu ta xrwmata k fainotan fresh panw su k oxi megalistiko..k to xexwrisa gt ta alla dn itan toso kalokairina..:)

  5. a a a a ! i want the pendant now !!!!!!

  6. you're necklace has stole my heart! i love it!

  7. Καλόοο..Ποιος το περίμενε? Δεν είχα ιδέα ότι υπάρχει τετοιο πράγμα, πάντως δεν φαίνεται καθόλου για ψεύτικο! Επίσης το κολιέ είναι απλώς τέλειο, τέλειο, τέλειο!

  8. as if you'd need a slimming effect! Second pic is very nice. Envy attack got to go.

  9. Και η κυρά Λίτσα από απέναντι είχε ενα τετοιο τζίν και το πέταξε. Που να το ξέρω να την προλάβω .
    Η φαντασία είναι ενα πολύ δυνατό χαρτί της ανθρώπινης νόησης , και πάντα εκπλήσσομαι όμορφα με τις εκφάνσεις και και την πολυποικιλότητα της . Ο χώρος της μόδας είναι ενα είδος υψηλής καλλιτεχνίας , και χαίρομαι που σε βλέπω να πειραματίζεσαι . Το βιώνω συχνά από τον οίκο μόδας της κολλητής μου τό πόσο δύσκολη δουλεια έιναι και αυτή του μοντελου μα και αυτή του σχεδιαστή .

  10. oysho pendant? really? it's soooo cute

  11. I definitely have to buy those leggings! They surely are comfy:)

    That tape necklace is so cute!

  12. I really like the softness of this outfit! I have got to have myself a dress like that!

    and did you find a pair of shoes?good luck with that;)

    With love Jessi

  13. Hello dear
    I linked your blog in one of my posts
    come take a look

    with love Jessi

  14. Haha, that should have been inventes aaaages ago! I was even thinking of buying pregnancy jeans, so they might be a bit more comfortable. I have to try these ones!


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