Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Have you heard?

C. from Fashion paths, and Greek designer Vasso Consola are Cat Fighting...!!!

You haven't? How come?

Check it out here, and here, AND here, AAAAND there!!

Scandal started with this photo:

Marc by Marc Jacobs VS Vasso Consola

Ok the similarity is striking (pattern wise) , and C. obviously had a point, BUT the designer, in her try to defend herself insulted the entire fashion blogger's community with no reason.

What a silly move!
C's blog isn't that famous yet, few Greek blogs are.
In Miss Consola's shoes, I would have tried to reduce attention on the matter.

She on the contrary did anything possible for the world to find out about the twin dresses!
Plus, just because fashion bloggers may turn into the fiercest creatures when united, the designer's points lost credibility within all those angry posts!

After all, crowds crucified Jesus, how could a poor designer get away, with not even the holly spirit on her side...!!!

As for my opinion on this fuzz, and because I love anything intriguing, I believe that both C. and Miss Consola were benefited by this confrontation.
As a marketing graduate, I learned my lesson on how there's no such a thing as bad publicity.
So girls: shake hands, take reconciliation pictures, and watch Miss Consola's next fashion show cheek to cheek.
When you do, make sure to send some pics my way.
I, the peacemaker (as I wanna declare myself on the matter) will publish them to show-off how civilized Greeks (STILL) are..!!!

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