Sunday, February 28, 2010

Models VS Nuggets

Who was addicted to Next Top Model?
B. was!

Tyra was good for all those years but when a well established show is being relocated to Greece then all the drama multiplies to extensive amounts (yey).

Lover of drama myself, worshiped the show and immediately RSVPed to a catwalk including the upcoming models, even if the clothes weren't exactly my taste.
If it wasn't for T. Sofroniou's edgy styling, I wouldn't have enjoyed the show as much!

I guess this post won't be rather interesting to international readers but I'm hoping the local-ones will find it rather amusing seeing those girls in action!
Ioanna: 3rd finalist looking kinda -ghostly-!
Left: Seraina, the first Greek Next top model and runner-up Monica-walking like a duck!
Monica again, rather scary yet with loads of potential I gotta admit!
Maria & Ioanna
The finalists again!

-Jesh Monica straighten-up those legs!
The winner & personal favorite model (once again) in an after-show frenzy!

Models are so FETCH!
I've been always fascinated by their world, even if I don't quite envy it!
I mean there's nothing I enjoy more than
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