Thursday, June 11, 2009

you BEACH!

Who doesn't love lazying around @ the beach?
Who's the #1 beach addict?
ME...(& some other people I know...)
Which is the most iconic beach picture?
The one on the left!

I just realized that I live in a country where beachwear is a MUST...!
Maybe this isn't the case for other countries, but there's no way you wont hit the beach at least 20 times before summer ends, IF you live here...(or if you are a Hawaii effing lucky b*%#$rd...)!

My closet, in its summer version, suffers from beachwear overload.
Cut-offs, tunics, bags, swimwear....all kinds of stuff.
For that PARTICULAR weekend, H&M , ZARA , Oysho, and d&g (!) ( piece, chill I am still into Inditex more than anything...) , dressed me up!
Enjoy (....the beach, not me...)!

Zara Straw Bag ~ special price....BARGAIN!

Chilly ~ The NEUROTIC dog

~Me & my Hawaiian slippers~

and something cartoony or else I won't survive...!
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