Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cinderellas' must-have!

I going through blogs and I am realizing this blogloving thing is getting big. I can't be left out of this blogo-community that's why I just became a member of it. For whoever is interested, although my experience is limited, I can assure you it's rather practical!!!

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Lately I've been looking for an all-time classic accessory. I am not really a watch-person, not an accessory-person either, though sometimes I really hate the view of my naked hands.
So instead of looking for bangles and accessorizing-stuff which I loose the third time I take a bath, I decided to go for something kinda "permanent"
(who am I kidding?..anyways)

I used to wear several swatch cartoony-ones, yet I am buying something more elegant now.
In a gift shop (octapus) I discovered this OOZOO brand with huge watches (lov'em).
They look so fine and their price is reasonable for someone who's getting easily bored, like ME!
However, during my watch-quest and in the middle of silly-stuff shopping, I found the time-piece Cinderella (due to her being a "too-late" icon) would die for .
Colorful, Playful, Digital & Plastic-Fantastic
I felt for it and (imagine..) I didn't even ask for the price, because I want for once to make an appropriate shopping-research. So mature of me... I am getting old... (sad face)....or broke...(happy face, at least I am not getting old)

NOTE: B. don't forget to buy glass slippers to match it with!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sea, sky, some food-porn (as Camille -Childhood flames- says), a melon-colada, sand in the toes, and the season's motivational tune of all times.
SUMMER'S officially HERE (yey)
(warning: huge summer-ish post, dedicated to littlestylist because of those karmic coincidences)
everything:ZARA, jean: MNG, flip-flops: Havaiyanas, bag: L.K Benett, glasses: Ray-Ban

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Woke up today in a mood to wear short sleeve...Mom walks in, leaves an umbrella saying "don't leave without it". I felt an urge to scream "How can I not LEAVE without it, when I wanna LIVE without it" and stay in bed all day!

What made my day? ... my brand-new purple all star!!!

Seriously, there's something wrong with the planet, it can't be rainy here and sunny in London!
....I left a friend of mine take care of it, he is rather good in solving puzzles....

long cardigan: ZARA, tartan shirt: KOTON, t-shirt: MNG, skinny jean: MNG, shoes: (do I really need to write it?) bag: TOPSHOP

Coming back from work, I had some packing to do...!

In this quest for trip-clothes I found those vintage shoes my mom gave me some years ago.

My mind got flooded by outfit pictures, yet there was one that gave me the second-urge-of the day to dress up and take pictures... so I did! With spring-y clothes, NORMAL spring!

everything: ZARA, belt: Gucci vintage, shoes: vintage, bag: TOPSHOP

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inside an Easter Egg...

Easter holidays is all about delicacies and chocolate.
Besides the weather, slight are the differences with Christmas....!
What you find underneath the Christmas tree now it can be found inside an Easter egg, and you may eat the container as well...
Trees: -not so tasty-.
That's what I found hidden in chocolate.
Thought it was food within food, turns out...wasn't so tasty either...!!

Easter bunny paid a visit too!!!
He left me an Easter Bag....YUMMY!

cup-cake wallet: John Lewis, bag: Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Summer isn't nearly here yet, though all my budget is spent on spring clothes...(someone should stop me) !
That's why I kinda hesitated
in front of that promy Mango dress.
At first I loved it's bustier, and hated it's black ribbon, in the end.. I cut it off.
Combined with my grandma's Feragammo, and white socks, gave me the perfect outfit for someone special's birthday..!

Recommended for girls with 0 curves....

(dress: MNG, plain top: sisley, suede cardigan: ZARA, bag: topshop, shoes: feragammo, socks: calzedonia.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am dump!
Marietta, on a comment of hers said that she didn't have any of my updates in her blog roll!! Well that's my bad cause I changed my url to:

...those interested in my u
pdates, please change it!!

1, 2, 3....

Lately -style- is all about leather, studs, ripped jeans, Dr. Martens & heals. I do like this rebellious wave, yet I think that fashion is going through adolescence.
I am going through childhood since my actual childhood, so I can't say nothing but YES to anything related to it.
Oysho, is my childhood's shelter. With these sheep, Zara put an extra roof over the child in me!

First skirt against insomnia...

...Now where's Dr. "SHEPHERD"??

jacket: Franklin&Marshal, shirt: Zara Man, skirt: Zara, tights: mom's (no idea) shoes: Zara, bag: TOPSHOP

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guests are welcome...

What's the definition of luck?
To share the same shoe-size with your mom, your aunt AND your grandma, who happen to be DAMN stylish!
Here's what I borrowed...

...and how i used them... it all wrong about my skirt and dropped by to complain...

It's OK Kaa -Guests are welcome-

bag: Channel vintage, shoes: Ferragamo (grandma's), skirt: Zara, tank: intimissimi, cardigan: Benetton, clutch: Dorothy Perkins, tights: no idea.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Edna didn't like it...

Who's THE style-icon?
Edna is THE style-icon!!!

... unfortunately she disapproved my Friday's work outfit..."wasn't INVENTIVE enough"
That's too bad...still love her though... !

suede cardigan: zara, shirt: MNG, jeans: MNG, belt: MNG, bag: Furla, shoes: converse, glasses: ray-ban

+ my favorite work corner...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weather troubles (...ME)

As usual, this time of the year, it was challenging for me to decide upon clothes.
  • Trench-coat, or cardigan?
  • Tights or no tights?
Here's what I ended-up doing...

shirt: ZARA, top: Massimo Dutti, spandex tights: ZARA, cardigan: mom's vintage, bag: vintage, boot: mom's vintage, flat: Prada

I went for the flats...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's been a while now I 've been in a Love-Hate relationship with my country.
How rewarding would it be for me to live once in a place where people aren't so concerned and suspicious of what other people are wearing (+not only that).
I have this recent example of me going out at the movies wearing the outfit in the picture.
I got several "what is she wearing?" looks as I was walking, ... people probably thought I wasn't wearing anything underneath my denim shirt which is rather controversial cause it kinda looks like a guy's shirt (although I got from Zara woman).

"YO PEOPLE ya thing I would go out in my nighty or something??"

To clear things up, my black high-waist H&M shorts got covered by the shirt, I would never wear something so revealing to make me feel exposed. I wouldn't feel comfortable.

shirt+ long cardigan: ZARA, high waist black shorts: H&M, bag: Furla, glasses: vintage (Πηγή των Γυαλιών)

Accessory: H&M

Shoes: ZARA

I shouldn't moan so much though, there's great progress towards accepting the "eccentric" , in Greece. People even dare to be eccentric themselves lately (..happy B.)

Anyways, here's shot of my new Nine West gladiators. Their straps were so appealing to me from the moment I saw them, cause they remind me of those Chloe pumps I've been worshiping for ages (both shoes).
They also come in black and they're actually better looking but I already have black gladiators, and I thought I should invest on a new color.

My wallet from London, in the shape of a heart emphasizes how much I adore them!

P.S: I don't have ridiculously small fit, my wallet is just insanely big!

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