Saturday, February 21, 2009

To wear it, or NOT to wear it...

Friday night out is a tricky business, I prefer staying in wearing my comfy home clothes, however social responsibilities cant be overseen (lol).
I was never into extremely tig
ht dresses which emphasise the curves, lately though I started being very intrigued by the idea of such a dress, or skirt, on me (I have 0 curves).
I discovered one on MNG's SS09 Penelope Cruz's collection.
On my attempt to wear it, I felt kinda too exposed so I used it as an under-dress for my ZARA tee-dress, I have always imagined wearing with those CALZEDONIA stockings, but it was too short.

I matched the above with my cute Hello Kitty channel-type bag (Victoria Couture), and those Mark Jacobs pumps I am in love with.
Friday night-out wasn't that tiring after all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am suffering Agnes Deyn madness, me and half universe, I absolutely adore her outfits + that "I know I rule" boyish attitude her style screams from miles...!! Being shy and quite reserved, I've always been missing that "boyish" thing in myself, yet I always knew it was somewhere hidden.

That porcelain b&w shoe my mom has in our living room since forever, along with lots & lots of editorials (+ some of Angie's outfits I shall admit), made Oxford shoes quite appealing to me.
The result is predictable, I went crazy looking for them, I found them, I bought them.

Although I own the shoes for a while, those are my latest work outfits.

Leather jacket-ZARA
Sweater-Marks & Spencer


Tunic(or PJ's who knows)-Oysho

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Middle school, high school, college...those are the times where boredom strikes and grows like weeds...!!! I have to thank though, that otherwise, annoying feeling, for taking my doodles to the next level! I am a crazy doodler, i doodle on anything i can find in front of me.
My other passion is fashion, so when fashion and doodles, doodles and fashion become ONE I have to purchase the result...which is in this case, this Marc Jacobs pendant.

My doodles-Marc Jacobs pendant-The merge

Those sketches are the result of serious boredom at work last Friday, I have many more and much better...If i continue blogging (not sure yet) i ll show you some!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Amateur, the weird eyes, and the Ballerina's

It took me sometime to find out how this shit works...i am kinda dump strange thing for a brunette! So here i am...with a post, a title bar and hopefully some photos (if manage to upload them) , I AM A BLOGGER! ...An aspirational Greek fashion blogger to be exact, since i already spend ridiculous amount of time either shopping or trying to make my outfits stand out!!!

Glasses: Eye'DC

There it goes, my first blog picture, showing off my brand new weird glasses (I don't have to wear glasses..). OK I do love the wayfarers, but i have had enough with them just before my aunt provided me with those from London!! Two different frames: what an awesome idea!!!

I have to admit, that i am i "flat" type of person!! Ever since i remember myself i loved how those little shoes are both extra-comfortable, and super-classy! I have a million of those in all possible colours and types (not with pointy tip, I HATE THOSE). Two years ago i remember a friend of mine saying "i can not imagine you with any other type of shoe, they should be renamed from ballerina's to Katerina's" (Katerina is my name... you can call me B. though).

For the above stated reasons I recently decided to enrich my "sea of shoes" with another gorgeous pair.

Shoes: Tory Burch

Those have stolen my heart from the moment i led eyes on them. They were standing speechless in the window of quite an expensive store in Athens, they were kinda cheap though. For that reason I lost no time. I love their vintage look, and their honey color!!!

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