Monday, June 29, 2009

....and they lived happily ever after!!!

Shopping is easy! I do it ALMOST everyday, and I enjoy my unhealthy habits!
SHOPPING FOR AN OCCASION though, can be extremely tricky, even for the most experienced shopper AKA, ME!
The occasion is not difficult to guess, entails white long dress, a cake with plastic people on it, and a sea of heels & stilettos!
Guessed already?
Yeap, I had a wedding to attend!

Most people just buy a dressy dress and they are off the hook!
For me it was a whole process as most of the times the way I am dressed defines my mood, and the vibes I am sending.
NO, I'm not crazy or anything I just mean it in terms of : sexy, romantic, fierce etc. & don't get me wrong but I can tell a lot by how people are dressed. the point!
I spent many days reading piles of magazines (finding NOTHING), and an exhausting day at the Mall where I literally ruined a pair of shoes, narrowing my options down to 3 dresses!

L to R: See by Chloe, M Missoni, 5226 by C. Kritharioti.
Cute, romantic, nice colours, AND multifunctional (serves skirt duties as well!!!)

So there I was, hours before the wedding, dress and shoes all set, but still obsessing over which clutch fitted perfectly.

Dress & Clutch #1 (Reiss)
Clutch #2 (TOPSHOP)
Clutch #3 (Obvious...*Smiley face*)
I've already introduced you to those babies a post ago...
AND nails done (by me...) rare phenomenon!

Seeing the pictures I realize that the Reiss and hot pink clutch were the best options, yet I ended up with the miu miu one. The camera space won me over, and (I don't deny it) it's hard to ignore something new over relatively "old" stuff.

The looks:
Here I am, all dressed up with two beloved friends (who have no idea about this blog...I think, so the face-over). You may also check my suffering feet, proving me (once more) right on that I am a flat(shoe)-person.
As for the event, remember when you attend those weddings where boredom makes time stop, and you wish you were dipped in a pop-corn bowl watching the silliest movie?
We partied till we dropped (the groom dropped first...)!

...couple was gorgeous, this was the first wedding I didn't actually wanna shoot my brains out, so....may they live happily ever after....!!

G&P 27/6/2009
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