Friday, September 18, 2009


...NEAR the cherry blossom,

YET, still a sucker for cherries!

Especially when patterned all over the cutest cardigan EVER!


GRANDMA'S hair-do!
...that's what I am talking about!

& my all time favorite patent black flats, changed -last minute- to , classic as well, all stars due to the f%$*£g rain!
If in need for such cuteness like I was (moronic-cuteness, cause I kinda look like a moron with all the cherries and the cartoony hair) check out OLGA de POLGA!

& talking about cuteness...
isn't that just TOO cute??
2 bloggers in love!
Speaking of Saltorialist & Garance Dore who are currently living the love of their life, talking about: outfits, pictures & blogs (..what else could they POSSIBLY be talking about??)

So here I am, worshiping this "Meant-to-be" romance (...being serendipity's huge fan), & wishing I 'll never find myself in the position of '''' Scott Schuman's ex-wife & mother of children...!

Here's the latest fierce comment of hers:

''posted by
Tue, 03/17/2009 - 7:46am

yes, he was married when the affairt started. since I found out about it we are getting divorced. he let success get to his head and is only satified when someone is worshipping him appropriately. apparently she (and himself) is more importnat than his kids, family - and fame is what drives him. Men suck (especially this one !)''

What shall I say? to others he's an ispirational God, to that woman he's the pig who cheated on her! Who can blame her?
..certainly NOT me, I am a ''Jeniffer'' person, and I still think Face Hunter started everyhting! Bloggers tend to forget that in view of Scott's popularity!
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