Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I always thought I have a thing for flamingos!
...I was probably wrong, my new IT animal is the one with the coolest permanent print on it.
The fact that this is the second zebra-related post (here's the first one) establishes the existence of a serious obsession of mine, that couldn't leave my wardrobe unaffected...!
So I can only guess that a shopaholic Zebra, with a thing for flowers designed this pattern for Zara, which was printed, later-on, on the skirt I bought from there some months ago!


To be honest there no zebra-print on the skirt, it's actually a typical leaf-flowery pattern with the exception of having black & white leafs instead of traditional green ones.
However it did inspire a zebra post (God I wrote the word Zebra like a ZILLION times in this post) and I can keep blabbering about it but it'll just be getting duller by the time and then, reasonably enough, you're gonna stop reading this blog...!

Nobody got struck by lighting, just saying...

I was wearing this outfit while watching
Ice Age @ the movies(and illegally eating KFC...shhh!).
An invitation for drinks downtown took me out of my comfy havaianas & put me in my MJ mise/jellies.

Awwhh, look at them starring at you...heartbreaking... :P

Ok this post doesn't really make any sense so let's move to the outfit credits...

skirt:Zara, white tank: Zara, black tank: Intimissimi, belt: MNG (oldie)
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