Monday, May 18, 2009

S (C) A N D A L ...

It's been a while since the last time I posted & I don't have the tinniest bit of regret, since I spent one more blissful weekend in Myconos, along with friends.
The programme included sunbathing, bathing, eating (lots and lots), and just up to the moment I was about to ensure myself that this was my shopping rehab, check out what I discovered in a shop by the sea...
The store was full of bathing suits, beach tunics, bags glasses...yet all I could see were those gladiators, and the shoes...oh the shoes! For a moment I though of grabbing the sandal-basket in the picture above, and run. I didn't. Then I thought of buying one pair, but pair? unable how I was to point my favorite, a pair wouldn't do. Finally I decided to see it as an artwork which will be ruined if I remove one of its pieces and I didn't even ask what the price was...after all, I was in Luisa beach, what are the chances they were affordable??
Eurovision fuss healed my desperation till the next morning when I paid a visit to a to touristic shop selling flip flops exclusively.
I am not really a flip-flop person. Besides havaianas, I prefer foot-holding shoes.
I decided though to make an exception since those are so famous.
Anti-shopaholism God put his hand once more and the price of the ones I picked (the only ones I liked, in neon green) was 70,00 euros! 70,00 euros for something I don't quite like? for a souvenir? NO! I wouldn't do that to myself. I recently bought a pair of BCBG sandals (upcoming post) costing 89,00 euros, I wouldn't spend 70 on a pair of boring flip-flops. (proud of myself).
Meanwhile, June's Glamour is out! I already got it and although the article on Greek bloggers is great, I was in total shock when I saw my face in there.
Coming up with manyx2 island-outfit posts since I made sure (actually someone else did...*thanx*) I have a photo of each one.


  1. that basket of shoes is to die for! love all the sandals :D

    wow and those flip flops are expensive. I won't pay more than 20 euros for a pair :P did you watch eurovision? lol austria sucked so much so we weren't even included :)

  2. hey thanks for the post! loooooooooooove ur blog!! i would def add u to my favs!
    haha actually the winter has just started! i live in Argentina! the opossite weather tho! so if u have any tips x winter would be great! ;-)

  3. 70 euros for a pair of flip flops is a bit too much!Take a photo of the Glamour article please!Or you ll make me go out and buy it! :)

  4. marietta na to pareis egw ti etrexa san th trellh na to brw :)p
    apogohteuthka to lew ksana me to mikro megethos tou arthrou
    katerina to mail mou to diabases??
    thelw ola sandalia kai papoutsia ths photo 1 + 2 twra ! ! !

  5. to diavasa to mail! krima pou to diegrapses!!!

  6. nomisa oti dn to xes labei ! ok !

  7. hi sweety, thanks for the comment!!! glad to hear you are doing well.

    In answer to your photo sizing question. This website has a great tutorial! ;)

    and the image code if you do it on your own through HTML is < img src = "" > (except without spaces where the = sign is!


  8. I want to go to Myconos so much, looks so beautiful in the pictures! perfect for weekend holiday.

  9. omg for a few mins your blog wasn't working for me! it was probably just my internet connection, but i thought you deleted your blog! i had a mini heart attack!
    anyways, all these shoes are gorgeous! expensive, but gorgeous!
    i look forward to seeing your outfit posts :)

  10. 70 euros?? way too expensive...

    i like those pink (and neon i think ) gladiator
    sandals on your first pic..

    (nomizo pos 8a psa3o na vro kego tetia..hmm..)

  11. Myconos' flip flop's are always very very expensive!
    A couple of years ago i did indulge to 3 pairs which surprisingly enough i still wear! but i wouldn't pay 70 euros or more again!!!

    anyway the pics are really lovely though and they do make you want to buy them!!!!!

  12. a ti kala pu piges pali mykonoooo,sxediazw k egw pali ena taxidaki pros ta ekei,uparxei k mia periptwsi n doulepsw sto nisi k na meinw toulaxiston ena mina..
    i prwti fwto me ta sandalia se vazei pragmati se peirasmo,sigura tha skeftomun n arpaxw to kalathi k na fugw,k tha sumfwnisw me ti nina gia ta roz gladiator,einai panemorfa!alla dn tha edina m tpt 70e gia aples sagionares,mono an itan me stolidia klp panw..
    fusika trexw n agorasw to glamour na sas thaumasw..:)

  13. oh wooooooooooooooooooow. you are so lucky!!!!! I am drooling over that basket of shoes too. I would have went crazy and probably had a fit. I admire your ability to walk away from the store without an impulse to buy.

    awww you are ssosooos sweet too. you totally made my day sooooooo much brighter, thank you for following and leaving such kind words oxoxoxox

  14. 70 na nai oi wres sou eprepe na tou peis. Megalh ekfrash tin elege suxna mia geitonisa.

  15. teleio to arthro sto glamour!!! bravo :)

  16. Oh-my-god....I would totally flip out if I entered such a store...Gongratulations on the article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. sweet words make my day!!! :)

    littlestylist, you should tell me where you re gonna work cause I might visit!!!

    battered couture, pada me diaskedazoun ta sxolia sou alla protimw ton sneaky tropo anaktisis tou aimatos pswnisw apo allou px!!!

  18. xaxa, perfect post title!

    I wouldn't give that much money for a pair of flip flops either, but the pictures are amazing!

  19. ooooh! thanks for the sweeet comment on my hair! at the moment it's gorwing towards all directions *lol* looking good on glamour;)


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