Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loose it-UP!

Ok, I must admit, I have too many Myconos-posts (here, here, here AND here), but I just can't help it!!!
Apart from loving any short of vacations, and vacation clothes, ...I seem to have a stash of outfit pictures that really fit the current weather, even if they are 2weeks old. So (!) here I am wearing this new garment, that layers itself.

Yes it does!

t's a double-layer shirt!

Is it too much that I combined it with loose pants?

I mean: loose shirt, loose pants...LOOSE-SELF!

*BUT* It was ultimately comfy! Air was flowing withing my clothes, and I was able to show all my dancing moves without annoying thoughts.
What am I talking about? I could even climb an air mill if I wanted to!

Why would anyone want that though...?

Auto-layered shirt: Shop (Sita Q), loose pants: Oysho, leather bag: TOPSHOP, sandals (I lv em): BCBG girl.
+ Random, after hour, drunk Island picture!

P.S: Did I mention I saw Annalynne McCord up-close, during my vacations in Myconos? ....Dedicated to all Nip-Tuck fans!


  1. I LOVE your top.. that is so cool how it drapes on its own hehe. And those sandals <3
    I'm in need of a vacation :(

    Meho xx

  2. Χα, κάναμε ακριβώς το ίδιο πράγμα! Είχαμε φωτογραφίες από τον Μάιο που μας φαινόντουσαν πολύ χειμωνιάτικες και τώρα που ξαναχάλασε ο καιρός, βρήκαμε ευκαιρία να τις ποστάρουμε!!!
    Τέλειο ντύσιμο, σαν αέρινη νεράιδα είσαι! Πάντως, το παντελόνι δεν φάινεται και τόσο loose, τουλάχιστον κάτω στα μπατζάκια, και έτσι έχει μια ισορροπία το σύνολο.

  3. That shirt is awesome, love it! :)

    *re* Thanks so much for your comment! Those shoes are great, aren't they? But honestly, I would break my ankles wearing them and I wouldn't even have to try to walk in them.

  4. I love that shirt too :) also looks good with the loose pants.

    btw, thanks for your comment on my post :)

  5. you have an amazing shoe collection !!

  6. teleia h McCord...kai nai eimai fan tou nip/tuck opote se euxaristw:)

    loipon,allh mia kopelitsa me tromero styl, diavasa arketa posts sou kai eimai katenthousiasmenh me tis uperoxes photos sou kai ta kefata keimena sou!!!
    oso gia to sugkekrimeno post sou, to double-layer shirt sou paei polu! ;)

  7. look out! I'm coming up with myk-pics too as of next week;) cool (literally!) sandals & loose outfits rule...

    *love the celeb touch to ur post:)

  8. Alitheia?Ma ti kosmiko meros afti i Mikonos!M aresei i kopelia, fisika parakolou8o kai to 90210 (oxi pou 8a xana).
    Nothing better than dancing with confortable clothes!

  9. poli gliko to forema...

    (eroteftika tn tsadoula...)

  10. Όπως έλεγα στο comment που με κάποιο τρόπο εξαφάνισα (!)ζηλεύω απίστευτα τη συλλογή σου από Gladiators και sandals γενικά! Εξαιρετικό outfit για μια ακόμα φορά! Και το παντελόνι είναι τέλειο!

    btw I'm dying to know more about the surprise you told me about! Is it sth I should have seen? Because lately I'm στον κόσμο μου literally και δεν πολυεπικοινωνώ με το εξωτερικό περιβάλλον! :P Επίσης απότι βλέπεις δυσκολεύομαι να κάνω comment χρησιμοποιώντας μία μόνο γλώσσα! Jesus χρειάζομαι ύπνο! :P

  11. ida tis info gia to event pou estiles stn mikri stylistria...fenete poli kalo...krima omos pou ine kapos arga...

    (kna fadastis oti pernousa apto booze tis proales ida oti kati ginete ekli mesa...ala dn bika..pff)

  12. Wow, you look so fab! Love that top and sandals:))

  13. Awww, holiday clothes are the best...especially when the weather is on your side. Yes, I do like halternecks and their magic cleavage boosting powers ;-) I love your shopping post a few down, that is the kinda spree I can only dream about right now *curses student life and lack of spending power*

  14. your gladiator sandals are gorgeous. and no its not too much the top with the pants. u look casually chic.

  15. The layers look awesome--very flowy and feminine. & love the sandals.

  16. hey..
    thanx a lot despoinhs!!
    wraio fashion blog!!:D
    k comic freak!!kooooool!!xexe!!
    cheers girl!!

  17. i love the layering. it looks great!!

    my friend moved back from greece just a few months ago. i was so jealous of all the shoe stores! (amongst many many many other things...) i will visit some day!

  18. Beautiful outfit, I love the colors together!
    And your top looks so comfy!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!!


  19. those sandals are so perfect for the ocassion! i'm a nip tuck fan too!

  20. I love how you just seem to throw bits of clothing together and it works so well. Your style is wonderful. What an inspiration!

    i hope you dont mind me adding you to my blog list.

    Much love x

  21. the loose look is great! and I adore your sandals!

  22. fantastic shirt!
    it looks so great :)

  23. your shirt is gorgeous! love the colors.

  24. the top is amazing!!!!!
    definitely something that i would wear all the time...

  25. lovely outfit!!! the sandals are TO-DIE-FOR!!!

  26. i just loove the top/dress. It coulkd be use in so many different ways. And of course i love the shoes, thy're similar to the ones i have!

  27. Love this top or is it a dress?

  28. OMG I love that! You look perfect!

  29. Love the layered top. And the sandlas are cute xoxox

  30. Poly wraio to blog sou!!!! sygxaritiria!!! Kai alithia eides tin Anne Lyyne MccCord? Mou arese poly kai sto nip tuck kai sto 90210 pou paizei twra! An k sta dyo einai poly bitch...!


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