Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What? ... where?


You think I am lost?
You think I've been abducted by Aliens?
You think a raccoon has bitten my laptop to death?


I am still here

A new pair of glasses

all my blogging appetite...

..to such an extend I am gonna plagiarize all the info relative to those glasses which stole my heart even though, as my mom said, they are the most worn looking NEW glasses ever!

"Raf Simons’ protégée Damir Doma has teamed up with Linda Farrow to present these sunglasses which is a new take on the classic wayfarer. The horn coloured frame is faintly rounded to create a fresh approach with the addition of a distressed chunky matt nose bridge. This style is part of a new line for SS09 – ‘Linda Farrow Projects’. Four exciting designers have each created a single pair of sunglasses that epitomizes their artistic style and complements their brand."


That's all folks...!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a boat to catch...!!!


...I am definitely digging for my need to blog, there....wish me luck finding it!

C'ya in a week Aligatoooors!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

...still 8, 10 tops!

Some people are into dolls!

Some other people are into voodoo dolls!
(cute ones like the one in the pic)

I am pretty sure there are people who have voodoo dolls, with my face stuck on ...making photobucket accounts disappear mysteriously.

...Ok just kidding on that one!

I am currently into TOYS!
"Currently" was unnecessary though...
I am craving...

Those babies:

Those cuties:

& anything disgustingly cute!

The past weekend was a nightmare to me, and I have to thank each and every fashion blogger (especially my favorite Greek girls) for the support + apologize 4 not commenting much!

When I am seriously messed up, anything colorful+playful boosts my mood with the speed of a sky-rocket.

Belonging in this category,

This "Back 2 Basics" horsie-horsie
combined with my favorite AA 80's spandex dress, & a summer-ish scarf instead of a belt,

& The item that keeps on reminding me how bad I wanna visit Tokyo
driving my new baby-pink brogues!

...made this shallow person tiny bit happier in those difficult times!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A series of unfortunate events!

All day today I was surfing in and out of my blog (which is like a baby to me)!
Tonight I entered my account and realized I have no pictures...!!
DAMN IT what happened?
I have absoFUCKINGlutely no idea!!!
I've lately been using photobucket to upload images larger than the typical blogger ones!
My photobucket account was magically erased between 7.00 and 12.00 today at 10/7/2009!
I have already e-mailed the photobucket people, and I am waiting for a responce, YET I am quite sure I 've lost the images.
I promice I am gonna upload them again all one by one, starting from Monday!!!
Now I'll keep thinking several scenarios...that for example someone who really hates me or this blog hired a hacker to delete my photobucket account...!

If anyone knows something more, is willing to help retrieve my past account, or at least knows a more secure way to upload large images in blogger I will appreciate it if he/she will comment on this post any short of advice!!!



*Special thanx to Haritini from Soho symposium for the precious help!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I always thought I have a thing for flamingos!
...I was probably wrong, my new IT animal is the one with the coolest permanent print on it.
The fact that this is the second zebra-related post (here's the first one) establishes the existence of a serious obsession of mine, that couldn't leave my wardrobe unaffected...!
So I can only guess that a shopaholic Zebra, with a thing for flowers designed this pattern for Zara, which was printed, later-on, on the skirt I bought from there some months ago!


To be honest there no zebra-print on the skirt, it's actually a typical leaf-flowery pattern with the exception of having black & white leafs instead of traditional green ones.
However it did inspire a zebra post (God I wrote the word Zebra like a ZILLION times in this post) and I can keep blabbering about it but it'll just be getting duller by the time and then, reasonably enough, you're gonna stop reading this blog...!

Nobody got struck by lighting, just saying...

I was wearing this outfit while watching
Ice Age @ the movies(and illegally eating KFC...shhh!).
An invitation for drinks downtown took me out of my comfy havaianas & put me in my MJ mise/jellies.

Awwhh, look at them starring at you...heartbreaking... :P

Ok this post doesn't really make any sense so let's move to the outfit credits...

skirt:Zara, white tank: Zara, black tank: Intimissimi, belt: MNG (oldie)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


...here's the video of the fashion show I assisted in!
While other designers & brands presented their creations in a custom/boring way, Katerina Alexandrakis was making a difference with the striping male model and the rocking tunes!

You may check me out picking the model's clothes up..YAOOZA!

*I promised backstage material, and I have it, yet, that day I forgot my camera's memory on my laptop (DAMN), and I am having trouble transferring photos from my phone (lost the usb somewhere in the piles of clothes.. AGAIN)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Waldo's revenge!


Found him yet?

SPOTTED! Waldo wearing new glasses!
He actually sprayed black paint over his all-time round vintage glasses because he decided that everybody's looking for him & he's more of a celebrity than:

Mary-Kate Olsen


Nicole Ritchie


and Danny Robert's Illustrations...

...thus he needs more coverage!

Hiding isn't much of a money maker, so he couldn't afford Channel and apparently he's a sucker for DIY projects.

I, huge Waldo's fan, average money maker, and less into DIY, found those Channel copy-cuts, last year, somewhere in my favorite place, Zara...!
Half-half and quite glamorous, I simply couldn't resist buying a Nicole Ritchie's passion item embarrassed by a beloved cartoon of mine...!!

I shall check my family tree, me & Waldo MUST be related...!

Post inspired by this Facebook comment:
Me ton Where's Waldo moiazeis ligo edo --o "anthropos" exei stil! Prepi na me pas se ekeino to magazi me ta gualia iliou..."Paradeisos ton Gyalion"?? Asxeto??
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