Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mood "LOFT"ing !


Remember when you first discovered American Vintage...
When I did, I was all over the place..., plain shirts have never seemed so unique before!

American Vintage is OLD NEWS now (especially after Zara's copy-cuts)
& it was about time I got excited by a newly discovered brand!
Homey, comfy, and thrifted -looking
LOFT designed by... is the brand I am currently having the most cravings for!


... reading the designer's mission statement on the site, I got caught up by some words of hers!

"I may choose to live in the summer in the middle of December. Depending on my mood, I might want my mat colors in the spring and bright colors in the autumn or vice versa. For me beauty is self-evident not a fashion."

...although I hate stupid cliche, and reproducing famous quotes (...so pretentious)
this one (although quite cheesy towards the end) made quite an impression.


... I am a proud owner of two quite unique tank tops, and I am considering few more buys!

Fellow Greek shopaholics, you may find the collection in Attica 3rd floor, right next to American Vintage, reasonably enough!

cardigan: American Vintage, Tank top: LOFT, skirt: ZARA, bag: TOPSHOP

Smack the bullet !

Bullet points
is the best way to read something and not get bored...school books should have been written in bullet poin
ts, now that I am thinking.
My life is kinda boring @ this moment so I am gonna use bullet points to scale down the boredom...!

...and now I am blabbing.

.......So this is what I am up to lately:
  • I seriously load anyone who has the luxury of being on vacations! Mean YET true!
  • Just took a glimpse of Zara's new collection! Already got myself 3 items, my shopaholism is back for good, & there are so many nice stuff in there I am thinking there's
    no reason to visit another store , or write outfit credits
  • Currently obsessed with "Sabrina the teenage Witch"! I managed to watch 2,5 seasons in a day, until I got delusional that my cat was actually talking, and its BLACK...imagine the confusion!
  • Besides the shopaholism, I got my impulse buying obsession back, when I realized Hondos Center (Greek beauty retail-store) imported LIP SMACKERS!

Proud owner of: Mango Berry, Coca Cola, Strawberry sugar, cotton candy, Kiwi, Bubble Gum, Fanta orange, Fanta Blueberry, Sprite, + Marshmallow!

Desperately looking from M&Ms flavor!
  • ...my blogging appetite is still to be found, so consider this quicky post, a desperate measure to save my blog from going downhill!
.... outfit post comming soon!

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