Monday, May 25, 2009

Plagiarism, oh my gosh!

Borrowed the title from Battered Couture to post an outfit inspired by Gala Gonzalez.
Most of you know that Spanish it girl because of her edgy London-style and her Rapunzel-like hair.
If you don't, and you're into fashion blogging I suggest that you should visit hers right away:here
It's tough not to get affected by other bloggers if you spend ridiculous amount of time gazing upon them.
I checked that nude outfit, after having bought my beige Badila dress, and I had this mental image.
Can't say I copy-pasted it exactly because her dress is ankle-long, mine is shorter.
+ she matched it with nude accessories, I went with black ones.

It's been a long since the last time an animated friend of mine paid a visit.
Caroline haunted one of my pictures just to remind me not to miss her Hollywood debut, where
she finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets.
I suggest that you won't miss either her escape from the pages of Neil Gaiman's book, into a film directed by Henry Selick!

dress: Badila, shirt: American Vintage, Shoes: DKNY, bag: TOPSHOP

Well done Barbie...!!

If they sting you, you don't have to pee on it, and they come in fab colors too.
Those are the jellies that conquered the world!

Plastic material can take every possible form, it's hard to be worn, and may be extremely gentle to the feet.
Who could have ever imagined, that a Barbie shoe would inspire the most brilliant idea for people to buy affordable designer footwear.
Marni, Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, and Tory Burch, all of them launched a jelly line, including mostly ballerina-flats but sandals
as well.

Melissa designs though can only be described as a plastic heaven, since as a market leader in this PVC industry, it provides hundreds of different designs in which I may drool all over for ages!

Tory Burch:

Kartell ( :P ):
BUT, apart from some Feng-Shoe plastic sandals, and as weird as it may sound for a compulsive buyier like me, I haven't gone into buying any of them.
I am quite concerned about how hot will my foot feel in them during those hot months of the summer.
In anyways, they look so cute I am thinking of buying those Kartell ones, and gracefully diregard my burning toes...!!
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