Thursday, June 25, 2009


Remember my "Shop-porn" post where I simply ... couldn't resist???
This time I entered a shoe store looking for something SPECIFIC, and once more....


Leather+Tan+Chunky: That was the SPECIFIC I was looking for!
No words, design marvel (...AND with a touch of pink): COULDN'T RESIST(1)!
Studs&Bows all in one, what more can I say?: COULDN'T RESIST(2)

No words: COULDN'T RESIST (3,4,5,6,7,8,9.......)

The only "old" thing in the picture are those vintage shades, bought from the best vintage store in Europe, selling glasses exclusively...Mr. Mimi's "Fountain of Glasses"

...yet all those babies are now home....MY HOME....!

+I haven't forgot about the post from my fashion show backstage experience, I am just stuck in technicalities...coming up soon though...PROMISE!

SPECIFIC: haralas
COULDN'T RESIST (1): haralas
COULDN'T RESIST (2): Simple Character/Mall
COULDN'T RESIST (3,4,5,6,7,8,9.....): Accessorize (most), Bangles:Oysho


  1. OMG you really invaded Accessorize!!I like the flat sandals from haralas.Not to mention mr Mimis glasses...totally agree with your description of his store.

  2. omg! I love your flat sandals!! and envy that jewellry!

  3. kat se miso!!Ti mou kaneis vradiatika kai toso kairo antexo makria ap tin agora!!! :D Ti na po gia afta ta kommatia...8a mporouse na itan aneta diko mou haul!!!(zilevooo)
    Me geia glikia mou!

  4. Exo stoxo kiria mou pou apexo toso kairo, mi nomizeis! ;P
    Efige o kalos mou, kai tora ,mia kai de doulevo gia na exo lefta, kratao ta panda gia na peraso kala toulaxiston otan pao ekei.London baby, in 19 days! Pes mou an 8es na sou fero tpt! ;)

  5. Oh, oso gia to pote 8a katevo, elpizo apo septemvrio, 8a itan poli oraia, na do kai tis ksaderfes mou, na vrethoume kiolas me ena akoma meet&greet!

  6. ta deytera pedila haralas me tis pink details me exoun ksetrelanei!! they are PEEERFECT!! want them nowww!!

  7. Wow! What an amazing shopping trip. You got some gorgeous things. My favourite are all your shoes. I love them, especially the feminine take on the gladiator sandals.

  8. megia sou queen!!einai ola oraiotata!!meta apo to diko sou spiti mhpos 8a mporousan na er8oun k apo to diko mou ligo??

  9. ΟΜΙΤΖΙ!

  10. The 3° sandals are really similar to the marc by marc jacobs one! Everything is great!

  11. well girl the only thing i can say is that i wouldn't be able to RESIST myself!!!!!
    ENJOY THEM!!!!!

  12. i loooooooove everything!!!! the shoes with the bows, the vintage sunnies! i wish it were all at MY home.... :P

  13. και ότι έψαχνα φλατ σανδάλια μπεζ με ροζ. καλύτερο και από οδηγό αγοράς αυτό το ποστ! λολ

  14. ta heels kta prota sandalia ine poli omorfa..

    opos ke ta pragmatakia apo ta accessories...=D

    dn ise arosti girl..mia fasi pernas aplos(oli tn exoume perasi 8eli va8ies va8ies anases kmakria apo orea magazia..makria..:P)

  15. ouououou...
    i fili dn mou legane "gia" ala "pali psonizes?"
    emina tapi..xoris lefta na pao diakopes k pira to ma8ima mou..sniiif..(ktora teliosa tn 8liveri mou istoria..)

  16. lege mairlyscious dn me peirazei !! alla dn su lew mustiko tha sto pw apo konta :)Pp
    ti teleia ta 2 prwta papa
    kai to pshlotakouno kai to flat me th roz leptomereia axxxxxxxxx ta thelw queenaki !!!!!!
    dn to suzhtw ta gyalia teleia alla fantazomai tha baleis kalous fakous apo optika swsta??? prosexe ta matakia !!!
    kai ta aksesouar ola ena ki ena !!!!!!megeies kai me xares!!!!!

  17. Good work! I'm not surprised you couldn't resist in accessorize, they do some amazing jewellery in there...I usually avoid it cos I just know I'll see something that I want :D

  18. Ι love Mimis - maybe my next pair will be round - just as yours :)
    happy non-resistance!

  19. The first ones are great!

    xo xo

  20. OMG the sandals and accessories! all are gorgeous! beautiful! :)

  21. omg!
    i love them all!
    i couldn't resist of not buying them.
    good choice of shoes and accessories.

  22. adoreeee the bow-wow shoes!!!

  23. 1st pic - Love
    2nd pic - Love
    3rd pic - LOVE the mix of studs and bows!
    4th pic - Especially love the red ribbon and chain bracelet, center necklace and sunglasses!
    No wonder you couldn't resist!!!

  24. I love the second pair of shoes you bought!!!
    I'm am quite the compulsive shopper myself; it can be a problem! =)
    Thanks for your sweet comment! Much love to your blog xoxox

  25. everything is amazing, especially the second shoes!

  26. ola einai fovera! teleia ta papotsia kai ta gualia! kaloforeta ola glukia mou!

  27. *drooling*
    1o zeugari-an forusa heels tha itan sti wish-list mu,anupomonw na dw outfit me auta!
    2o zeugari-ta thelwwwww!eixa dei ena paromoio me idio xrwmatiko sunduasmo sto lucky,latrevw otidipote me ligo roooooz..
    3o zeugari-fiogkoi k studs,o idanikos sunduasmos girly me rock attitude..
    ta axesouar einai ola uperoxa,xexwrisa ta statement necklaces k ta gualia fusika!

  28. πωπω..μπορεί να κολλήσεις και τίποτε σε αυτό το μπλογκ, μπαίνεις τα βλέπεις και αρρωσταίνεις :)

    τα 2 πρώτα ζευγάρια είναι ακριβώς του γούστου μου. επίσης έχω να πω ότι ο Μίμης είναι από τα κορυφαία μαγαζιά στα οποία μπαι δε γουει πρέπει να κάποια στιγμή να αφιερώσουμε μερικά ποστ. εμένα επίσης το μάτι μου έπεσε σε αυτό το φλοραλ πράγμα κάτω δεξιά, είναι κορδέλα για τα μαλλιά?

  29. to parakanes re paidaki mou...alla ntaksei, exeis ki ena dikio, einai dyskolo na antista8eis :P

  30. wow great shoes
    sometimes you have to give in ;)

  31. ζηλεύω!!!!!! πραγματικά, τα θέλω κι εγώ τα καφέ-ροζ σανδάλια, είναι απλά τέλεια!
    και βλέπω καιτο βραχιολάκι με τις τυρκουάζ και κόκκινες χαντρούλες που έχω και εγώ!
    και συνειδητοποιώ ότι πρέπει επιτέλους να πάω και εγώ μια βόλτα από τον κύριο Μίμη... πολύ το άργησα!

  32. Studs and bows, an interesting combo! Great jewelry too :)

  33. Wow, you really meant "I couldn't resist"!!! Kaloforeta, einai ola polu omorfa. Very urban-chic-boho-something fasi, pou einai apo ta agapimena mou stil.

  34. τέλεια αυτά που ψώνισες. μήπως θα μπορούσες να γράψεις τη διεύθυνση για το μαγαζί του Μίμη? ψάχνω απεγνωσμένα vintage γυαλιά ηλίου. σε ευχαριζτώ πολύ

  35. What can I say? They're all fantastic... Fell in LOVE with the glasses! I HAVE to stop being snobbish and go downtown to Mr Mimi! I HAVE to!

  36. Wow! Loving the shoes, especially the first pair, and the accessories are purely stunning!!!

  37. που μπορώ να βρω το μαγαζί του Μίμη????

  38. Lovely pieces. U have a great taste and blog. Exchange bloglink?

    Thank U for Ur comment and my blog. Check out, if U have a mood...I hope...

    Have a great weekend!

  39. i loveeee the first sandals. i'm looking a sandals in that color.

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  41. wow... i love ur new stuffs!!
    i like ur shoes numb. 2 and love all of ur accessories...
    lucky u can got it! =D

  42. kaleeee tha kokkinhsw me auta pu grafeis
    h alitheia einai oti mou aresei na mai peripoihmen to xw parei apo th mama h opoia leei oti akoma kai an mas sumbainoun asxhma pragmata dn afhnoume ton eauto mas na pesei prepei na bgainoume eksw katharoi kai peripoihmenoi :)
    to anaferw auto giati th mera pu eixa ntuthei etsi mesa mou hmoun polu xalia (eixa ena themataki -asep called if you know)alla dn prepei na to bazume katw h zwh sunexizetai opote prospathisa oso xalia kai an eniwtha mesa ekswterika na deixnw super !!! oxi oxi mairh krata to mairyliscious :)Pp to kanoniko eipame apo konta pu ksereis mporei na mhn arghsei na erthei h stigmh pu tha se gnwrisw :)
    se euxaristw gia ta komplimenta sou !!!
    filaki megalo kai agkalitsa to the queen!!!!!!!

  43. Beautiful jewellery, I love it <3

  44. love the accessories and the flats with the bows!! xx

  45. (1) You are so sweet :) Thank you!!

    (2) I'm 26 lol YES I KNOW I look muchhh younger ;)

    (3) I love your nails!


  46. Geiaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    Na rwthsw kai egw pou einai o Mimhs? Ennooume auto pou einai konta sth themistokleous????

    Filakia polla polla

  47. mr mimi does indeed have some of the coolest sunglasses ever. got two pairs myself and definately gonna add more to my collection

    P.S i like your blog queen b

  48. all of them are in your house???you are one lucky shopping maniac!!!!:)


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