Monday, June 29, 2009

....and they lived happily ever after!!!

Shopping is easy! I do it ALMOST everyday, and I enjoy my unhealthy habits!
SHOPPING FOR AN OCCASION though, can be extremely tricky, even for the most experienced shopper AKA, ME!
The occasion is not difficult to guess, entails white long dress, a cake with plastic people on it, and a sea of heels & stilettos!
Guessed already?
Yeap, I had a wedding to attend!

Most people just buy a dressy dress and they are off the hook!
For me it was a whole process as most of the times the way I am dressed defines my mood, and the vibes I am sending.
NO, I'm not crazy or anything I just mean it in terms of : sexy, romantic, fierce etc. & don't get me wrong but I can tell a lot by how people are dressed. the point!
I spent many days reading piles of magazines (finding NOTHING), and an exhausting day at the Mall where I literally ruined a pair of shoes, narrowing my options down to 3 dresses!

L to R: See by Chloe, M Missoni, 5226 by C. Kritharioti.
Cute, romantic, nice colours, AND multifunctional (serves skirt duties as well!!!)

So there I was, hours before the wedding, dress and shoes all set, but still obsessing over which clutch fitted perfectly.

Dress & Clutch #1 (Reiss)
Clutch #2 (TOPSHOP)
Clutch #3 (Obvious...*Smiley face*)
I've already introduced you to those babies a post ago...
AND nails done (by me...) rare phenomenon!

Seeing the pictures I realize that the Reiss and hot pink clutch were the best options, yet I ended up with the miu miu one. The camera space won me over, and (I don't deny it) it's hard to ignore something new over relatively "old" stuff.

The looks:
Here I am, all dressed up with two beloved friends (who have no idea about this blog...I think, so the face-over). You may also check my suffering feet, proving me (once more) right on that I am a flat(shoe)-person.
As for the event, remember when you attend those weddings where boredom makes time stop, and you wish you were dipped in a pop-corn bowl watching the silliest movie?
We partied till we dropped (the groom dropped first...)!

...couple was gorgeous, this was the first wedding I didn't actually wanna shoot my brains out, so....may they live happily ever after....!!

G&P 27/6/2009


  1. xairomai pu tlk perases toso kala,eides tsampa to agxos...;)
    to eida to forema k sto twitter,alla mporw n pw oti mu aresei pio polu panw su ap'oti sto montelo..k to chloe omws fainetai polu omorfo,eutuxws pu dn itan sto numero su k dn mpikes sto dilimma...:)
    k mu aresei opws to sunduases,anapantexi i epilogi tis tsantas alla sigoura voliki,xwraei psifiaki k dn xreiazetai n tin kratas!e itan k kainuria opote..proswpika nmzw tha dialega to topshop..
    a,kt akoma..mporeis n m peis tin dieuthinsi apo to magazi me ta gualia tou kuriou mimi?

  2. thank ya thank ya little stylist!!!
    ...egw eixa katalixei sti Reiss, but I couln't leave my new baby home!!!
    TO MAGAZAKI TO Mr. Mimi, me ta apsoga vintage gualia... einai sti plateia kaniggos stin Omonoia, den thumamai arithmo, an kapoios xerei na to grapsei gia na kanw sxetiko post...!!

  3. beauuuuutiful post...may they live happily ever after!

    loved the step by step completion of the outfit, laughed so much with the pixels over those (lucky) guys faces and.. strange, your new shoes look even better in this light:))

    και στα δικά σου Κατερινάκι;)

  4. Finally GAMO-POST! Ohhhhh you look gorgeous, lovely geitonaki! LOooooooOOOooove the dress AND the shoes AAAAAAAAAAND The BAG!

    You should seriously start thinking to give this dress to me, your old school friend that you never actually met at school! :D Just sayin' !

  5. από τα 3 φορέματα αυτό που διάλεξες είναι μακραν το πιο ωραίο (έχει και κάτι ρετρο). εγώ θα κρατούσα την πρώτη τσάντα πάντως. μου φαίνεται πιο κομψή. όσο για τα παπούτσια είναι πολύ όμορφα και επιπλέον φαίνονται και άνετα. κρίμα αν σε χτύπησαν. γενικά φοβερό σύνολο πολύ διαφορετικό από τα συνηθισμένα για γάμο που βγάζουν μάτι από την κακογουστιά!

    -Μίμης :
    Γλάδστωνος και Κάνιγγος 1. Τηλ. 210 - 3832431

  6. I was waiting for this post! You looked gorgeous in your dress, and I truly believe it was the best choice for you. And how amazing is your new bag??? I couldn't leave that baby home either!
    Glad to know there are still people out there who know how to have fun at their wedding.

  7. @Alecca , how many times I heard THAT phrase...thank you alecca kai sta dika sou TOO!!

    @Elena: whenever, geitonaki, call me when you need it (seriously)!

    @Lucia thanx gia to address, ta papoutsia einai aneta, alla mou dimiourgoun upsofovia...den eimai egw gia tetoia...s auto to gamo (weird enough) den eida kanena trela kakogousto forema...paei to fashion police post pou skeftomoun...!! eixa kai agxos...

  8. @Lopi: I knoooooooow, I though wedding + fun couldnt be combined...!! Thanx for the bag, it's a gift, I myself wouldnt be able to afford it...I am broke for the following two months...!!!

  9. Awww, weddings...*goes into daydream* Can be sooo tricky finding an outfit that suits though, as I recently found out. You look fabulous though, that dress is so so cute :)

  10. Kai prin diavaso to post, to deftero eixa skopo na sou proteino!! kai ta kainouria sou papoutsia, ta vlepo ka8e mera ston ipno mou!!
    Xairomai pou perases kala, makari oloi oi gamoi na itan etsi :D
    Tin tourta den mas evgales mia fotografia!(ego to mialo mou sto fagito, hihi)

  11. Το να βρείς τι θα φορέσεις σε ένα γάμο μπορεί να είναι πραγματικό μαρτύριο....δεν μου αρέσει να αγοράζω ρούχα τα οποία πιθανότατα να μην ξαναφορέσω...αλλά αυτό το φόρεμα?!?!?!!?είναι αριστούργημα!!τα χρώματα του κ το σχέδιο του απίστευτα κ είχες κ πολλές επιλογές για τσάντα. Να ζήσουν να ευτυχήσουν κ φυσικά καλούς απογόνους!!

  12. entajei love..ypoklinomai sto forema
    kk sta dika sou!

  13. Love your missoni dress and, of course, the little orange strap from Miu Miu, simply lovely!

  14. megeia kai me xara to neo forema einai uperoxo kai sou paei pio polu apo oti sto montelo !!!
    einai polu esu !! su tairiazei !!! kai sta dika sou :)PPPP
    uperoxo post !!!!!!
    tha to baza me to reiss tsantaki alla etsi opws ta sunduases ola hsun apla esu dn htan kati fortwmeno kai upervoliko kai auto htan to wraio !!
    xairomai pu tha to ksanabaleis auto exei shmasia giati an epairnes kati pu tha bazes mia fora mono dn leei !!

  15. GORGEOUS choice of everything!! i love it!

    Meho xx

  16. Apisteuto look!!! the match with the clutch was definately a Queen B. choice!!!

    PS. agapaw to reiss tsantaki... to agapaw polu omws!!!

  17. You looked gorgeous! I bet the other clutches would have looked equally good. I loved the first clutch but that may have been too matchy matchy!

    Yes. I'm in New Zealand. Which is the Southern Hemisphere. So it's winter here!

  18. is that sandals from the last post? you look perfectly sweet :)

  19. a) m aresei kai to Chloe, alla afou dev to Brnkes, dev to syzntame. B) egw 8a kratousa to Reiss clutch ,but you made a choise girl and you were a doll!!!

  20. poly wraio outfit. pragmatika kamia sxesh me to xaos pou epikratei synh8ws stous gamous.

    (to tsantaki teleio, kai htan kai to pio praktiko nomizw, mias kai forietai xiasti kai den xreiazetai na to paratas apo edw kai apo ekei...)

  21. aaaaaa miu miu clutch..................LOVE IT!! WANT ITTTT!!!!
    i'm seriously in love with are such a lucky girl to have it!
    and the dress is lovely too! and much more "you" than the other two options!

  22. na zhsoun!!!!!
    teleio to foremataki!!!!!!!!!!!
    k teleia h photo me ta podia!!! san apo allh epoxh!!!!!!!

  23. i love the first clutch! Obviously also the dress!

  24. Katerina, you look beautiful! Don't you just love when you find exactly what you're looking for??? Awesome :)

    Don't worry about the bag choice, it still worked and besides, it kept your hands free so you could dance the night away :)

    xx Ela
    p.s. thanks for the lovely comments :)

  25. Thank you! :)

    I really like your blog.
    And I miss Greece, been there in September '07. Loved it.

    ♥ Lu

  26. Gorgeous choice! You look amazing!
    And congrats to the bride and groom!


  27. Even before I saw which dress you picked, I was going to say... I hope you picked the Missoni! Great choice... I think unlike the other dresses, this is one you can wear all the time. And I loved your report of the wedding... haha, I'm good at shopping too, but not for an occasion (weddings and themed-parties are the worst). I can also totally relate to boring weddings, so I'm really glad you had such a great time at this one! :)

  28. I want that dress. U look so fantastic...


  29. Fun, cute outfit, I love the first clutch!

  30. ooh the pendant sounds so cool :) lovely blog btw <3

  31. Hi dear!Yes I understand english :-)!Thank you for your comment on my post!I love your Miu Miu orange bag!I have seen it on Net a Porter!I want it :D!Please you're welcome on my blog!Bye

    xoxo Rikin@

  32. waaay to cute outfit...yaay to virgos..:-D

  33. Missoni is my dress of choice for weddings! Always - perfect for packing and always so elegant. You look gorgeous in the one you found and the wedding looked beautiful, too. I love fun weddings :-)

  34. i loveee your blog! your style is so cute. the missoni dress is amazing btw ;)

  35. HI!! Last month I went to Greece and I love your country!! When I found your blog I was very excited because I think women in Greece have really good taste ... Who don't like fashion? Everyone do!!
    Missoni dress is soooo nice and you look amazing in it!! I wish I had one like this...

  36. Love the dress you picked! Love all three handbags no wonder it was such a tough decision! I went to my FIRST EVER wedding this year! never been to one before and it was such a lovely day :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, please stop by again xx
    Much love from Ireland.

  37. kala auto forema einai THEIKO!
    pragmatika isun mia koukla!!
    para polu kompsi kai eimai sigouri oti to forema tha to ksanaforeseis!!
    kalaa auto to post su me epirease para polu!
    na fantasteis eida sto oneiro mu oti pigame mazi se auton ton gamo kai oti foragame to idio forema!!xaxa crazy enough!

  38. Hi KAterina, how u doing!?
    Of course, you can write about it in your blog... I dont care! :)
    I hope that u r fine :)

    xo xo

  39. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a dress! Misw ta rouxa gia gamous giati fainetai na einai polu sugkekrimenes oi epiloges, alla esu girl vrikes to apoluta teleio kommati!!! Pws ta kataferneis re paidi mou??????

  40. you look adorable. too bad about the chloe dress. it was cute.

  41. OMG! I am in LOVE with your dress! Majorly fierce. I definitely need to be more adventurous in my style.

  42. looooove the miu miu bag!
    lovely outfit!!!! congrats!

  43. to forema ine apla iperoxo...nomizo oti teriazi apolita sto style sou...kna foras heels pio sixna sou pane poli..

    ego 8a protina tn proti bag..apla giati maresi paaara poli..

    elpizo na kanes tin kali ediposi pou sou efxomastan!

  44. Wow that Missoni dress is gorgeous! The colours look so great with your complexion.

  45. You look great! Beautiful dress ;-))


    sou afierwnw tin 3i photo!! den kserw an tha ta forages alla ta eida k se thumithika!

  47. Hey, were you @ mad awards? Thought I saw you...

  48. teleio to forema sou kai ta papoytsia sou... mporeis na mou peis apo pou pires to forema kai poso? psaxno kai go kati antistoixo kai exv apelpistei


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