Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moooom? I'm in a mag!!!

Lopi in a past comment said she was gonna post her Glamour page, yet not the whole article, for people to actually buy the magazine!!
Followed her advice and didn't post anything, till everybody's having their page posted!!!
Jealous as I am (bit proud as well) I present you, not my 15 minutes of fame, but my one page of it!!
In the mag's pic: denim's mine, top ain't mine! I was wearing nude-color shirt and I've had it changed cause it wouldn't stand-out in plain white background.
Can't say floral is my thing though!

Other bloggers said pretty much everything about the experience (including me in a previous post) so I have nothing to say, except one more BIG thanx to Ama-lucky and the Glamour girls!

+In June's issue there's a tee-gift! So here I am posing next to my work of art, (from school years I have no clue if there's any skill left) rocking it!

dress: H&M, shoes: Zara, belt: accessorize, fringed vest: AA
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