Thursday, April 23, 2009


Woke up today in a mood to wear short sleeve...Mom walks in, leaves an umbrella saying "don't leave without it". I felt an urge to scream "How can I not LEAVE without it, when I wanna LIVE without it" and stay in bed all day!

What made my day? ... my brand-new purple all star!!!

Seriously, there's something wrong with the planet, it can't be rainy here and sunny in London!
....I left a friend of mine take care of it, he is rather good in solving puzzles....

long cardigan: ZARA, tartan shirt: KOTON, t-shirt: MNG, skinny jean: MNG, shoes: (do I really need to write it?) bag: TOPSHOP

Coming back from work, I had some packing to do...!

In this quest for trip-clothes I found those vintage shoes my mom gave me some years ago.

My mind got flooded by outfit pictures, yet there was one that gave me the second-urge-of the day to dress up and take pictures... so I did! With spring-y clothes, NORMAL spring!

everything: ZARA, belt: Gucci vintage, shoes: vintage, bag: TOPSHOP
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