Monday, May 18, 2009

S (C) A N D A L ...

It's been a while since the last time I posted & I don't have the tinniest bit of regret, since I spent one more blissful weekend in Myconos, along with friends.
The programme included sunbathing, bathing, eating (lots and lots), and just up to the moment I was about to ensure myself that this was my shopping rehab, check out what I discovered in a shop by the sea...
The store was full of bathing suits, beach tunics, bags glasses...yet all I could see were those gladiators, and the shoes...oh the shoes! For a moment I though of grabbing the sandal-basket in the picture above, and run. I didn't. Then I thought of buying one pair, but pair? unable how I was to point my favorite, a pair wouldn't do. Finally I decided to see it as an artwork which will be ruined if I remove one of its pieces and I didn't even ask what the price was...after all, I was in Luisa beach, what are the chances they were affordable??
Eurovision fuss healed my desperation till the next morning when I paid a visit to a to touristic shop selling flip flops exclusively.
I am not really a flip-flop person. Besides havaianas, I prefer foot-holding shoes.
I decided though to make an exception since those are so famous.
Anti-shopaholism God put his hand once more and the price of the ones I picked (the only ones I liked, in neon green) was 70,00 euros! 70,00 euros for something I don't quite like? for a souvenir? NO! I wouldn't do that to myself. I recently bought a pair of BCBG sandals (upcoming post) costing 89,00 euros, I wouldn't spend 70 on a pair of boring flip-flops. (proud of myself).
Meanwhile, June's Glamour is out! I already got it and although the article on Greek bloggers is great, I was in total shock when I saw my face in there.
Coming up with manyx2 island-outfit posts since I made sure (actually someone else did...*thanx*) I have a photo of each one.
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