Monday, June 22, 2009

First & Eternal...

The fact that I am attached to any childhood reminicent can't be hidden!

Toys, cartoons, bubble gum, ice creams even clothes that remind me what I used to be back in primary school, I am emotionally attached with, and always draw my attention (...along with quite an amount of my monthly income).

All these childhood stuff blended I am seeing, when I am checking out Murakami's
That I worship him, I've already mentioned HERE, I've actually followed his work before he became LV-famous, and consequently: mass produced!

Back in the days when youtube was far from being conseived as an idea, I was browsing, like crazy, all over the web for KaiKai & Kiki's videos.
+ His flower/trademark was all over my room, back in the days...!
All this intro just to present you with his new LV campaign video "First Love" animated film with the girl from his past video "Superflat Monogram"(all grown-up now, 6 years after) leading.
Of course I am still not into LV bags and I consider them the prettiest way to claim your lack of imagination (especially with all those knock-offs in da hood), yet I couldn't but fall in love with the animated film!

Eye Candy!
The only store I'd rather buy the decoration rather than the goodies...!!!

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