Monday, July 13, 2009

...still 8, 10 tops!

Some people are into dolls!

Some other people are into voodoo dolls!
(cute ones like the one in the pic)

I am pretty sure there are people who have voodoo dolls, with my face stuck on ...making photobucket accounts disappear mysteriously.

...Ok just kidding on that one!

I am currently into TOYS!
"Currently" was unnecessary though...
I am craving...

Those babies:

Those cuties:

& anything disgustingly cute!

The past weekend was a nightmare to me, and I have to thank each and every fashion blogger (especially my favorite Greek girls) for the support + apologize 4 not commenting much!

When I am seriously messed up, anything colorful+playful boosts my mood with the speed of a sky-rocket.

Belonging in this category,

This "Back 2 Basics" horsie-horsie
combined with my favorite AA 80's spandex dress, & a summer-ish scarf instead of a belt,

& The item that keeps on reminding me how bad I wanna visit Tokyo
driving my new baby-pink brogues!

...made this shallow person tiny bit happier in those difficult times!
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