Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loose it-UP!

Ok, I must admit, I have too many Myconos-posts (here, here, here AND here), but I just can't help it!!!
Apart from loving any short of vacations, and vacation clothes, ...I seem to have a stash of outfit pictures that really fit the current weather, even if they are 2weeks old. So (!) here I am wearing this new garment, that layers itself.

Yes it does!

t's a double-layer shirt!

Is it too much that I combined it with loose pants?

I mean: loose shirt, loose pants...LOOSE-SELF!

*BUT* It was ultimately comfy! Air was flowing withing my clothes, and I was able to show all my dancing moves without annoying thoughts.
What am I talking about? I could even climb an air mill if I wanted to!

Why would anyone want that though...?

Auto-layered shirt: Shop (Sita Q), loose pants: Oysho, leather bag: TOPSHOP, sandals (I lv em): BCBG girl.
+ Random, after hour, drunk Island picture!

P.S: Did I mention I saw Annalynne McCord up-close, during my vacations in Myconos? ....Dedicated to all Nip-Tuck fans!
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