Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lying garments!

Faux fur? You know (or at least so I hope!)
Faux leather? You know (and if you didn't, this winter got you sick of it...)
FAUX DENIM? Did you know???
From personal experience, I can assure you it's listed #1 among my *most comfy* clothes!
Denim pattern, printed on soft legging material gives the false impression of wearing jeans but takes their stiffness away.
Nonetheless, denim's thick, this isnt, but it looks like it its slimming effect is one more reason to go look for one.
Bought mine from Zara, very hesitatingly!Among others, it's perfect for travelling! Refined an othewise comfortable/boring outfit with funky old-tape necklace from Oysho.
Who knew I 'd find such treasure among knickers!

t-dress: Zara, sweater: converse, faux denim legging: Zara, shoes: you know..., pendant: Oysho
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