Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whare is my charger? I need some energy...

It's Tuesday night and I am not working tomorrow, what a DELIGHT!! What does a free day means...?? Night Out the day before, and that's what I am up to right now!
Before deciding upon tonight's outfit, I had some clothe-fun. Time is to share the fun with you, the ones who read this amateur 's blog... and my TWO followers (yey).

everything-ZARA, belt-MNG, rainboots-HUNTER, socks-CALZEDONIA

You have to excuse me for the photo's bad quality, but I have somehow lost my camera's charger somewhere in my piles of clothes. Until to find it I am taking pictures with my laptop -bad idea- yet useful for a Virgo without any of the Virgo's qualities.
The other thing I am occupied with these days, is my upcoming American Apparel on-line order! With this one I am going to lose my on-line shopping virginity AT LAST.
I was thinking ab
out it, long ago when I was gazing upon the awesome clothes in TOPSHOP'S site & I found out , they aren't shipping to Greece ! DAMN IT.
so I am snobbing TOPSHOP now!!

Those are the goodies, on their way home!!
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