Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one with the TWISTED skirt!

Ok, I know I 've been long gone & I can't be described as a responsible blogger's role model, but everyday stuff and a stay-over a friend's house kept me from fulfilling my blogging duties!!!
Now I am back for good though,AND with a double outfit....! goodie!
Are you aware of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; they are the same person, in different versions (normal, evil).
There was this skirt I bought, the type I am obsessed with: mini-high waist.
I thought it was a typical skirt.
Little did I know!
The skirt end up having double personality: conservative/secretar-ish during the morning, and quirky and wild at nighttime.

That's what I am talking about...!

Dr. Jekyll:


...all this double personality thing, confused my headbands to an extend they thought they were food!
Check it out:

Ok the second one took it too far....
My stuff are out of control!

BTW, remember all this jelly fuss HERE? I forgot to mention that I actually owned a pair of jelly sandals, and that is because I forgot I ever bought them....IMAGINE!
I am really starting to worry about myself...
So YES in the 2nd picture I DO wear shoes, plastic and transparent ones!

Invisibility cloaks are nothing in front of them... (:P)

Mr Hyde: tunic: ZARA, skirt: ZARA, flats: Marc Jacobs, Bag: ZARA, glasses: Ray-Ban
Dr. Jekyll: tank top: American Vintage, skirt ZARA, bag:TOPSHOP, sandals: FENG-SHOE (2008)

Headbands: Accessorize

Something cute
@Cheeky@ the cat


  1. eisai poy eisai panemorfh me thn kordela fainetai olo to proswpaki sou kai eisai prigkipissa !!!
    kouklaki! ti gati omorfo einai auto !! mou aresei polu to post jekyll kai hyde teleio !!!
    th foustitsa th dokimasa sta zara alla dn mu arese blepeis dn exw ta 2metra podia sou :)P eisai mia koukla mou aresoun pu ta papa sxedon dn fainontai sto jekyll outift kai h tsanta mu aresei para polu to xrwmataki ths !!!!!!!!!

  2. Marylicious kopela mou poso mood-boosting borei na einai ena comment sou? s euxaristw kai antapodidw...!!!!

  3. auto pu moou bgazeis esu lew einai authormhto esu to prokaleis opote thanks to you :)p

  4. oooh someone grew bigger! =))))))))))))))
    amazing outfits love the headband in the second pic, gives a blair waldorf touch to the whole outfit!

  5. i absolutely loved the headband!!!!! and the skirt although i would probably look like a lollipop!!!!:P
    cat is really cute as well!!!!!!!!

  6. You look amazing and awww kitty!

  7. You look so sweet! Love your skirt so much!
    I am also a cats lover!

    Amazing shots! :)))

  8. i love the outfit you work it so well; & the headband is adorable =]

  9. latrepsa tin tunic sou!!!teleia!!!exw k egw jelly sandals k me voleuoun para poly!!!na prosthesw oti eimai fan twn headbands!!perfect@!!!!!

  10. You have great headbands and I love that skirt as well.

  11. love the simple look .headband is adorable

  12. η φούστα είναι άψογη κ φυσικά την έχεις συνδυάσει κ στις δύο "προσωπικότητες" υπέροχα...όσο για τα headbands σου πάνε πολύ κ το συγκεκριμένο στην δεύτερη φωτογραφία είναι πολύ girlie!!

  13. That last photo is so adorable.

  14. Nai 8a symfwvnsw me tn mairyliscious- sto'xw ksavapei, kai fysika latreyw to gati, kai ta headbands- emeva dev m pave ka8olou, krima. kai maresei kai to fylosofiko-fashion-cooking(?!) post.. Basika m aresouv ola!!yes, I know, I bored you...

  15. Hey, at last your pictures are huge!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!! How are you little cartoon freak? Saw Bolt yet? Hilarious...It's Jo, from former exclusively handmade...Sorry for not commenting on your blog...Well, I got a new one now...Kisses!

  16. άχου το το γατίίίί!!!!!πάντα έχει πολύ καλές ιδέες στα ποστ!!!γκρρρρρ χιχιχι πολύ ωραία τα outfits ειδικά το δεύτερο!!!!headbands look great on you!xxx

  17. Hello there gorgeous geitonaki! Lovely post, lovely cat, amazing outfit! Headbands look awesome on you!

  18. The headbands are so nice! Are they florals?

  19. Nice looks, guapa!

    xo xo

  20. Aww I love the pic with your cat, he is too cute!


  21. cute cute..skirt..poli oreo xroma..opos ki tsadoula...

    maresoun episis ta "axroma" sandalakia ki steka(zilevo exo vali kgo sto mati mia tetia) ;)

  22. τελευταία μαρέσει πολύ το concept των post σου. η φούστα είναι πολύ ωραία και κομμάτι πασπαρτού. νομίζω μπορείς να ξεπατικώσεις ένα σωρό προσωπικότητες αλλάζοντας τα αξεσουαρ. η κορδέλα με τα λουλούδια μου έγινε εμμονή. φέτος την αγόρασες?

  23. love your outfit and your head pieces! so cute!!

  24. Hi,
    I thought your blog is great. I would like to give you a "lovely blog" award. You can fetch the award in my blog if you're interested ^^



  25. Πάντα με εντυπωσιάζουν τα ποστς σου,τέλειο κονσεπτ ακόμα μια φορά..λατρεύω την "διπλή προσωπικότητα" των συνόλων,το λουλουδάτο headband απλώς υπέροχο κ η ιδέα με τα πιάτα τόσο πρωτότυπη!Τα σανδάλια είναι ακριβώς ότι ψάχνω,γιατί όπως σου είχα πει στο σχετικό προηγούμενο ποστ σου φοβάμαι ότι οι μπαλαρίνες θα με ζεσταίνουν..
    Εννοείται το γατί άξιζε φωτογραφία στο μπλογκ,τόσο χαριτωμένο!

  26. my favorite is the firts outfit!
    the cat is soooo cute!


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