Tuesday, March 2, 2010

B. in Gold-ie!

Yesterday I bumped into a fellow f-blogger twitting that she is dreaming of Anna Wintour already knowing her name when they'll meet!
That twit made my hopes of running into Gala Gonzalez & Pelayo shopping around @ TOPSHOP, while in my latest trip to London, seem quite humble..!

In that try, I spent -hours- walking around TOPSHOP,
yet I am telling ya...
I saw Gala & Pelayo...NOT!
HOWEVER, Sunday's Spitafield Market had a surprise hidden for me that caught me totally unaware & made my mind boggles.
Cute Michelle founder of Goldie London was standing next to me among all those cute(slash)sexy clothes of hers!
Michelle by B.
Having checked THAT & THAT I forgot all about me being extremely shy and I actually talked to her, claiming that I saw her in Gala's blog!

(Apparently quite some people approached her with the same excuse that day!)

She told me:

-she's Gala's friend
- she grew-up in South Africa
-& she's been designing clothes since very young!
Overall she was the cutest + she wrote down my e-mail to
inform me about up-coming sales in her site (she DOES ship to Greece).
The clothes combine everything from retro to grudge, they're fresh and of great quality!
Didn't lose the chance myself to snatch the black one in the pic (which BTW I am in love with) and I quite regret not getting more
Gala wearing Goldie
OH and..
...did I mention, Misha Burton loves Goldie? Well she does! (here!)

It Sure Was a Pleasure...!
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