Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Who's on Streetgeist?
I am on Streetgeist!!! (thrilled face)

I've been visiting this blog ever since its photos were really small!
Now the photos are huge, equivalent to the talent & ideas of Streetgeist's "parents" Alkisti&Aris, AND I AM IN ONE OF THEM (yey!).

previously mentioned, I met the guys in a Glamour's photo shoot, and besides they turned up being so nice, with rocking personalities, and ridiculously young-looking, I almost peed in my pants when Lopi proposed to have my photo taken for their blog & Alkisti nodded positively (...tryied to play it cool though, and here's the place I may share my excitement!).

Now I am seriously thinking to copy fashion architect in plasing the photo permenately to the side of my blog... :P

P.S: Thank ya Lopi for the backstage material...!!!
P.S2: Thank ya guys!
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