Saturday, May 23, 2009


Most days in the Island sun was shinning bright! Last day was kinda moody.
Woke-up, wore my bathing suit, clothed in summery stuff, and then it hit me to open the window.
Turns out, I was wearing the most innapropriate outfit for the day.
I quickly changed into a more weather appropriate one.
Couldn't shut my feet in something other than sandals though!
tee: Disney Couture, Long cardigan: Zara, Skinnies: MNG, sandals: BCBGgirl, bag: L.K Bennett, glasses: you know...!

...Since sometimes cartoon heroes accidentally bump into my blog pictures, this time I decided to take one with me.
Here I present you with Mickey, during his very youth, wandering around my Disney Couture shirt.
Is anyone aware of Disney Couture? I wasn't, & as it turns out it has the loveliest tees and the cutest jewellery (Being a cartoon addict, I know...).
I found the tees @ Nodus in Piraeus yet I haven't spotted the jewels in Greece! Take a look here.

Having seen Nicole Ritchie's obsession with that blue wrist bracelet, can't help but desperately want one!!


  1. i like this outfit! especially the sunglasses and the shirt! very easy and very cute!

  2. well i don't like the blue wrist bracelet, (how can you be affected by Nicole Richie's obsessions?? every day she has a new one!) but I looooove your bag!!!!

  3. Lovely Nicol,I love this bracelet too!Your sandals are very pretty!

  4. ok Queen B.- it was just a question!

  5. such a cute outfit, i love the bag and shoes :)
    ps- the last pic of you is gorgeous!

  6. I have bought a Tinkerbell pink sweater from Sifnos 2 years ago and I had NO idea it was a well known brand!!Nodus has disney couture??? pfff it was closer than I could imagine!! By the way, the tee is lovely!!

  7. LOvely outfit, especially the tee!!!
    I love your style! :)


  8. what a casual and fun outfit! that long cardigan is so great - it'll look great with anything! i really need to find one of those :)

  9. Hey, what happened here??? You have new posts and my reader didn't show me any of it!
    I love your outfit, it's the exact perfect thing to wear on a situation like that (windy, chilly island during late spring). Hope your feet weren't cold!

  10. i like your outfit! great sandals!!!

  11. Wauw i love your outfit! it looks effortless yet still really fashionable!

    i use a casio but i wouldn't recommend it to you. i'm going to save up for a real camera i think a canon. the only thing is they are so darn expensive 700 euros!and then you can't buy any clothes or shoes:P

    With love Jessi

  12. Wauw, I love your cardigan, sandals en bag!

  13. latrevw olo to sunolo,to mickey top toso xaritwmeno (big fan of cartoon t-shirts) alla k ta tampa axesuar pu to exeis sunduasei einai apsoga..thelw k ti tsanta k ta sandaliaaa :)
    pantws exeis teleia sullogi apo sandalia k mu aresun ola!

  14. re in my glamour magazine..well done!!!!!i want this wrist cant help but do something!!;P

  15. Hi!
    I saw this bracelet in together with other disney couture accessories, but I must say it's quite pricey...

    I know they ship in Stockholm, but I am not sure about Greece...

    You can find it here:

  16. Thanx Nenyaki...!!!
    Christine: *blush* I do want it too, but I cant find it..., if I do I ll let you know!!! :(

  17. I love your outfit here!!!!


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