Thursday, September 24, 2009

The September....ISSUES!

It's getting COLD in here people!

...thus the appearance of cardies & skinnies...

...all merged in a September-kinda-blueISH outfit!


...combined with my COBRA-FLATS! (...dangerous!)

& although I am jeopardizing my -FASHION BLOG- title to -GOSSIP BLOG- I couldn't leave unmentioned this upcoming romance of Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld & Giovanna Battaglia!
YES people they're dating INDEED.
Dunno for how long, but those gotta be the hottest news in fashion besides the Saltorialist's love life!
Enough said!
I am so into gossiping, yet I am not dragging this blog down with me!
Definitely September has ... lots of issues!
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