Monday, August 17, 2009

"Hot" wax neck-LACE!

....OK , it was about time I explained the name of my blog...!
Although it sounds much like it, it has nothing to do with teen movies, or gossip girl! In fact I have never been the "Queen Bee" in real life. Being bitchy & peer pressuring -desperate to fit in- followers, wasn't my thing.

I've always thought the word "bee" to be cute (..along with "cherry" yet that went down the drain for being too cliche), to the point that I was thinking of writing a comic called "The pozerBEES" (..down the drain as well).
Some years later when I created my facebook account I decided to write my full name, but only the first letter of my last name, B.
And the weirdest thing happened, everyone started calling me B. !!!
That, and me being a word-game manic, gave birth to that silly blog name!
+ no matter how I despise bees buzzing around me, there's something very graphic about those creatures, sooo....
....equals, my new Accessorize necklace!
(I know I am taking it too far with those mutations of mine, cant help it though!)

Tah-Dah ! Here's THE necklace outfit!

Plain white tee (...not screaming "Hey there Delila") with.....


....I am telling ya, it felt good being in these clothes, It was one of those days....!

...Now there are some other days you have this huge burger in your mind all day long, and you cant wait until tasting it! ---> That's today folks!
(worrying about either being too shallow, or enjoying the simple joys of on another day's program)
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