Monday, August 31, 2009


"Check out the garbage she's wearing!!"

Never thought I'd find THAT phrase flattering!


Taking a closer look at this new skirt of mine, I reconsidered it, ending up I'd love to be yelled at -that way-!


I was really considering heels that night, second thoughts though flooded my mind when I realized it was SUNDAY!

H&M Garbage skirt + NINE WEST glads + my new baby



Couldn't leave unmentioned my awesome vintage belt, outcome of endless digging into mum's old stuff!
This rocking item was once the "boring" school-uniform belt my uncle once wore!

If my uncle was an aunt I bet he'd wish he'd never called this JUNK!

... as for my disappearance, consider it adjustment to season's change!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Hot" wax neck-LACE!

....OK , it was about time I explained the name of my blog...!
Although it sounds much like it, it has nothing to do with teen movies, or gossip girl! In fact I have never been the "Queen Bee" in real life. Being bitchy & peer pressuring -desperate to fit in- followers, wasn't my thing.

I've always thought the word "bee" to be cute (..along with "cherry" yet that went down the drain for being too cliche), to the point that I was thinking of writing a comic called "The pozerBEES" (..down the drain as well).
Some years later when I created my facebook account I decided to write my full name, but only the first letter of my last name, B.
And the weirdest thing happened, everyone started calling me B. !!!
That, and me being a word-game manic, gave birth to that silly blog name!
+ no matter how I despise bees buzzing around me, there's something very graphic about those creatures, sooo....
....equals, my new Accessorize necklace!
(I know I am taking it too far with those mutations of mine, cant help it though!)

Tah-Dah ! Here's THE necklace outfit!

Plain white tee (...not screaming "Hey there Delila") with.....


....I am telling ya, it felt good being in these clothes, It was one of those days....!

...Now there are some other days you have this huge burger in your mind all day long, and you cant wait until tasting it! ---> That's today folks!
(worrying about either being too shallow, or enjoying the simple joys of on another day's program)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mood "LOFT"ing !


Remember when you first discovered American Vintage...
When I did, I was all over the place..., plain shirts have never seemed so unique before!

American Vintage is OLD NEWS now (especially after Zara's copy-cuts)
& it was about time I got excited by a newly discovered brand!
Homey, comfy, and thrifted -looking
LOFT designed by... is the brand I am currently having the most cravings for!


... reading the designer's mission statement on the site, I got caught up by some words of hers!

"I may choose to live in the summer in the middle of December. Depending on my mood, I might want my mat colors in the spring and bright colors in the autumn or vice versa. For me beauty is self-evident not a fashion."

...although I hate stupid cliche, and reproducing famous quotes ( pretentious)
this one (although quite cheesy towards the end) made quite an impression.


... I am a proud owner of two quite unique tank tops, and I am considering few more buys!

Fellow Greek shopaholics, you may find the collection in Attica 3rd floor, right next to American Vintage, reasonably enough!

cardigan: American Vintage, Tank top: LOFT, skirt: ZARA, bag: TOPSHOP

Smack the bullet !

Bullet points
is the best way to read something and not get books should have been written in bullet poin
ts, now that I am thinking.
My life is kinda boring @ this moment so I am gonna use bullet points to scale down the boredom...!

...and now I am blabbing.

.......So this is what I am up to lately:
  • I seriously load anyone who has the luxury of being on vacations! Mean YET true!
  • Just took a glimpse of Zara's new collection! Already got myself 3 items, my shopaholism is back for good, & there are so many nice stuff in there I am thinking there's
    no reason to visit another store , or write outfit credits
  • Currently obsessed with "Sabrina the teenage Witch"! I managed to watch 2,5 seasons in a day, until I got delusional that my cat was actually talking, and its BLACK...imagine the confusion!
  • Besides the shopaholism, I got my impulse buying obsession back, when I realized Hondos Center (Greek beauty retail-store) imported LIP SMACKERS!

Proud owner of: Mango Berry, Coca Cola, Strawberry sugar, cotton candy, Kiwi, Bubble Gum, Fanta orange, Fanta Blueberry, Sprite, + Marshmallow!

Desperately looking from M&Ms flavor!
  • blogging appetite is still to be found, so consider this quicky post, a desperate measure to save my blog from going downhill!
.... outfit post comming soon!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenny made it!


Can You Tell the Difference?

For whoever missed me, I AM BACK!
Not as excited as the previous sentence sounds, since my holidays are over and I am back to my daily routine, with 0 appetite to shop!
DAMN RIGHT, my shopping urge is gone, dunno for how long though, all I know is that I WENT to Zara, I SAW, I LEFT, ...just like a new-age Caesar!!!
ANYWAYS, this isn't exactly a fashion-post, since I am gonna narrate my extreme experience when battling the waves of the Greek sea...

I was going to spend my holidays, in Myconos, and get there by a boat,a big one...the traditional way!
Plans changed and I had to travel along with another 4 boys in a 10m dinghy, wearing Kenny's outfit to keep me from getting all wet!
Although the the air was in a 7 Beaufort force, the waves were enormous, and I was being continuously sprayed by sea water, all I could think was...
"God help my clothes not to end up at the bottom of the sea"
...quite reasonable I suppose, since we will eventually get rescued (no sharks in the Greek sea), and the boys didn't equip my suitcase with life jackets as they originally promised to convince me joining them!
The trip went well, we reached our destination 5 and a half hours later, and I would like to thank our precious Captain Stam, my beloved fluorescent raincoat, for keeping my new rocking Zara shirt dry, and for being randomly fashionable...!

Minus the cold and the wetness, it was just like an extended fun fair ride (with no safety insurance though...)


Me & 2 of my 4 bodyguards... lol!


Look-at-that! My nail-polish matches my raincoat !


Battling the waves with rocking attitude!


The most successful DIY!


...& my natural hair (wiax)

KENNY MADE IT THIS TIME, ... and he's trendy after all! for my blogging appetite, it's not yet fully recovered, YET I am back for good!

P.S: Nina Malvada, more details on or next meet-up!
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