Saturday, May 30, 2009


Remember the times Mom used to control what you shop and how you shop it?
(For those who work): Now bring in mind how it felt to have your own money to spend, with anyone setting any limits, for the first time!
That was the point when my closet flooded the room, and it doesn't have the slightest improvement ever since!

Here's the evidence from my latest shopping tour!
Vintage-looking bag from Uterque- COULDN'T RESIST!Baby blue bag from Uterque, never had one-COULDN'T RESIST!M.J jellies, dedicated one post on them-COULDN'T RESIST!Cheap NUDE sandals-COULDN'T RESIST! (they were a bargain)Cut-offs, come on...COULDN'T RESIST!Black wild bangles from Uterque-COULDN'T RESIST!
playing around in the changing room, wearing:
Zara harem pants, gladiators from Myconos, and I love gossip t-shirt (cause I do!)
That's all
Now I am officially in a shopping ban...(yeah right...)
Try not to become me!

ADVICE: With the pictures above I am not trying to drag you into my shopaholic hell!
I recommend that you should avoid it!
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