Friday, May 1, 2009


What are you supposed to do when it's first of May and most people you know are in Berlin watching a basketball game?

Here's what I did:
  1. Went in my terrace, wearing shorts, my new sandals, and glasses!
  2. Caught some sun, & made my dog pose with PINK flowers!
  3. Took pictures to share my day with fellow bloggers!
....still missing those people in Berlin though!

shirt: Massimo Dutti, shorts: ZARA, sandals: ZARA, glasses: RayBan
Oh and I was listening to La Roux!
If my friend Xazidou ever find out about this blog I have to admit: I do have the same taste in music with the future "X"!!!


The moment I discovered this vintage-shop in Athens selling glasses exclusively, I stopped looking for branded glasses, which are way too expensive if you wanna have a variety of them.
The only brand I seem not to be able to leave-behind is RayBan.
I have a collection including several kinds and colors of aviators and wayfarers.
Yet the moment I saw Ed Westwick wearing the new -clumaster- RayBan model, I couldn't wait until to bring that baby home
(glasses not Ed, ehhm maybe Ed too :P).
In the store I tryied all possible colors, I ended-up buying the white ones.
Dont know why, it just seemed like the right choise to me.

sweater: American vintage, tunic: ZARA, eel tights: American apparel, flats: FengShoe, bag: Jocasi.

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