Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's been a while now I 've been in a Love-Hate relationship with my country.
How rewarding would it be for me to live once in a place where people aren't so concerned and suspicious of what other people are wearing (+not only that).
I have this recent example of me going out at the movies wearing the outfit in the picture.
I got several "what is she wearing?" looks as I was walking, ... people probably thought I wasn't wearing anything underneath my denim shirt which is rather controversial cause it kinda looks like a guy's shirt (although I got from Zara woman).

"YO PEOPLE ya thing I would go out in my nighty or something??"

To clear things up, my black high-waist H&M shorts got covered by the shirt, I would never wear something so revealing to make me feel exposed. I wouldn't feel comfortable.

shirt+ long cardigan: ZARA, high waist black shorts: H&M, bag: Furla, glasses: vintage (Πηγή των Γυαλιών)

Accessory: H&M

Shoes: ZARA

I shouldn't moan so much though, there's great progress towards accepting the "eccentric" , in Greece. People even dare to be eccentric themselves lately (..happy B.)

Anyways, here's shot of my new Nine West gladiators. Their straps were so appealing to me from the moment I saw them, cause they remind me of those Chloe pumps I've been worshiping for ages (both shoes).
They also come in black and they're actually better looking but I already have black gladiators, and I thought I should invest on a new color.

My wallet from London, in the shape of a heart emphasizes how much I adore them!

P.S: I don't have ridiculously small fit, my wallet is just insanely big!

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