Friday, July 10, 2009

A series of unfortunate events!

All day today I was surfing in and out of my blog (which is like a baby to me)!
Tonight I entered my account and realized I have no pictures...!!
DAMN IT what happened?
I have absoFUCKINGlutely no idea!!!
I've lately been using photobucket to upload images larger than the typical blogger ones!
My photobucket account was magically erased between 7.00 and 12.00 today at 10/7/2009!
I have already e-mailed the photobucket people, and I am waiting for a responce, YET I am quite sure I 've lost the images.
I promice I am gonna upload them again all one by one, starting from Monday!!!
Now I'll keep thinking several scenarios...that for example someone who really hates me or this blog hired a hacker to delete my photobucket account...!

If anyone knows something more, is willing to help retrieve my past account, or at least knows a more secure way to upload large images in blogger I will appreciate it if he/she will comment on this post any short of advice!!!



*Special thanx to Haritini from Soho symposium for the precious help!
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