Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Some years ago I remember myself arrogantly saying to my Art teacher "I hate shapes with corners, I prefer round stuff, they sooth me up!". A year later all my work was pure geometry (teacher kept reminding me what I've said...).
Turns out, shapes combined may give the loveliest results visually!
So,since fashion is a treatment for my eyes, and (even if it is the world's most cliche phrase...) it shares quite a few similarities with Art, I can't help but being seriously drawn by any short of geometric catwalk designs!
Calvin Klein, Balenciaga
, Jonathan Saunders, the Greeks: Mary Katrantzou and DElight, they all experimented with geometry, and we all worshiped the result!
At least I did, so much that I was fiercely looking for one such garment myself!

I discover my treasure within 100 other See by Chloe treasures, and after having tried on the entire section, I ended up with my first attraction!

Dress: See by Chloe, Long Cardigan: Zara, Sandals: DKNY, Leather bag: TOPSHOP.


  1. ax re ti malli exeis einai theiko
    kai mou aresei h olh aplothta pou apopneei h photo

  2. whoa thats stunning. nice treasure :)
    anyway i havent watch that. and i really interested to. haha. ah thanks, i just delete the barbie blog. moved to

  3. Mairylicious mou leipsan ta mood-boosting comments sou!!!! ;)

    Onic: I dont seem to be able to see it!!! :(

  4. ΦΟΒΕΡΟ!!
    ηθελα να σε ρωτησω αυτο το μοβ το απο κάτω είναι ενα με το από πάνωω?

    χμμμ και ποσο εκανεεεε?

  5. Thaaank ya!
    yeap einai forema, sti photo fainetai san sortsaki a bit..!!! Ekane 180 i 108... den thumamai akrivws :P

  6. Ααα ναιι!
    τωρα που το παρατηρωω ειναι φορεμαα!
    τελειο ομως?
    και βασικα σχετικα φτηνο ειναιι!!

  7. I love It!!
    apo attica? :P

    xoxo Vicky

  8. Yeap Attica, 4rth paradise WHEN i have savings to spend! Otherwise Inditex is my land!

  9. ooooh yeaahh!! it's my paradise too!!!
    I LOVE CHLOE....!!!
    " i just can't resist "


  10. Lovely dress :)... suits you very well.

  11. love your dress!
    geometrics are difficult for fashion, to work with it!

  12. thanks for your nice comment:) funny how these things change right? ;)

  13. LOL about the round shapes.
    i think i like a little bit of both .

  14. perfect chloe dress indeed!!
    ti wraies pou einai oi fotos apo mikono!!!!
    seem so fresh!

  15. alitheia :)P einai pu dn hmun spiti eixa erthei athina kai dn sas tsekara kathimerina
    i am back omws :)

  16. ooooh, excellent! I really love the colors and shapes. great pick!

  17. i wish i could get my paws on some see by chloé! that topshop dress is also pretty pretty.

  18. Hi Κaterinaki. Thanks for the vote at shell-land. I think that you are cool Queen B! Are you only a marketeer as you mentioned, or you're also a model?
    C U around ;)

  19. Hey,thanks for your comment;)
    Like your blog...will follow him ;)
    Can i ask you how you found my blog????

    Lovely regards....

  20. nice treasure ;)
    by the way.. I'ce tagged you in my latest post. check it out! :D

  21. thanks for visit me and your sweet comment!! And nice dress!! ;)

  22. Perfect! If I decide to splurge soon, Chloe is going to be my first stop, for sure! The colours are perfect for you as well!

  23. that 's a great picture of the alleyway or street .
    very nice sandals too


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