Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenny made it!


Can You Tell the Difference?

For whoever missed me, I AM BACK!
Not as excited as the previous sentence sounds, since my holidays are over and I am back to my daily routine, with 0 appetite to shop!
DAMN RIGHT, my shopping urge is gone, dunno for how long though, all I know is that I WENT to Zara, I SAW, I LEFT, ...just like a new-age Caesar!!!
ANYWAYS, this isn't exactly a fashion-post, since I am gonna narrate my extreme experience when battling the waves of the Greek sea...

I was going to spend my holidays, in Myconos, and get there by a boat,a big one...the traditional way!
Plans changed and I had to travel along with another 4 boys in a 10m dinghy, wearing Kenny's outfit to keep me from getting all wet!
Although the the air was in a 7 Beaufort force, the waves were enormous, and I was being continuously sprayed by sea water, all I could think was...
"God help my clothes not to end up at the bottom of the sea"
...quite reasonable I suppose, since we will eventually get rescued (no sharks in the Greek sea), and the boys didn't equip my suitcase with life jackets as they originally promised to convince me joining them!
The trip went well, we reached our destination 5 and a half hours later, and I would like to thank our precious Captain Stam, my beloved fluorescent raincoat, for keeping my new rocking Zara shirt dry, and for being randomly fashionable...!

Minus the cold and the wetness, it was just like an extended fun fair ride (with no safety insurance though...)


Me & 2 of my 4 bodyguards... lol!


Look-at-that! My nail-polish matches my raincoat !


Battling the waves with rocking attitude!


The most successful DIY!


...& my natural hair (wiax)

KENNY MADE IT THIS TIME, ... and he's trendy after all! for my blogging appetite, it's not yet fully recovered, YET I am back for good!

P.S: Nina Malvada, more details on or next meet-up!
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