Wednesday, May 6, 2009

15 minutes...

A while ago, a magazine's editor contact me.
That editor was Amalia Agathou, the magazine was Glamour, and I cant even describe how excited I got for the up-coming article on Greek fashion bloggers (YEY).
As soon as I found out, that I didn't just have to answer some questions by e-mail, but I had to visit their headquarters, for a photo-shoot, the previous mentioned excitement disappeared, and stress along with an extra dose of shyness, took over.
Turns out it was a false alarm (for stress!...shyness has camped in me, years ago), cause those magazine people were extremely sweet and helpful, even if a was lost in a clothe-paradise, where my mind stopped and I couldn't decide upon what to wear in the picture (I kept on recycling the thought "OMG I am in a fashion magazine" while I was going through the clothes mechanically).
glamour's clothe stash, the funky offices, and the sweetest editor: Amalia Agathou.

Yet the surprise of the day had nothing to do with Glamour.
Yesterday I've been given the chance to meet people who have been rocking my world without them knowing.

Pinelopi: from Fashion Architect, Aris & Alkistis: from Streetgeist, Alecca Rox, and Hari from Soho was EXTREMELY nice to meet you guys!!!
+ Aris, Alkistis, & Pinelopi...thanx for the ride *back to civilisation*
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