Monday, October 26, 2009

Tentacles of ... JOY!


Remember those up-tight fashion shows were people involved can't even breathe dealing with every minor detail that could possibly go wrong?



...a huge flood formed in the area were fashion week runs all the events, it's nothing to worry about.
Instead, you may bring your floating octopus with ya, and play around with it!
ESPECIALLY if you're a designer on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the upcoming show!

DElight brought those DElighted tentacles backstage, and I embraced it!
....well you know me, total sucker for anything childish!

Octopus was skinnier than the models at the beginning...
& carbohydrates started entering its body slowly...
the designer-duo did their best to make it look healthier...
& here it is chubbier than ever...
Floating peacefully in the middle of the flood , contemplating why the hell women obsess so much about their weight, & admiring his gorgeous/brand new/chubby tentacles!

Too bad those fashion-week people totally disregard the kid inside them, and they've immediately put poor DEL-octopus in detention!
The kid inside wasn't the only one disregarded by them though , the flood was too....

Who should be in detention NOW?


One kaleidoscope & two fresh designers


...from me at least, ( and most fellow bloggers) being quite familiar with that item with a kaleidoscope enthusiast-mom, owing many of those.

Kaleidoscopes come in various color combination and DElight (the designer duo in
question) used my favorite one - PASTELS!

Baby pink, baby blue and all those UNDERAGED colors made their clothes delicious & me -way too eager- to waste all my money on them
(though WASTE is the most inappropriate word to use)

Once again I was backstage with my blogger friends, missing the actual show, yet being able to see up-close, touch & feel the clothes, which for me is far more important!

Dressing up the models wasn't bad either, Barbie addicts like me would agree that it was exactly like playing with dolls!

The collection: colorful, playful ... full in all aspect!
I hate cliche phrases yet...I WANT THEM ALL!
Model I was in charge of: KORDULA!
Austrian beauty & the sweetest girl ever, working with her was a bliss!
Hairdressers had nothing to do!
Here you see them filling their time correcting -perfect- hair!
Wise hairdo-choice & overly helpful for us backstagers , THANK ya DElight!
Lopi watching the sweetest Greek model -Ismini- getting dressed, and models having their clothes steamed by stylish Stellina! Delight were more than perfectionists!
Lighten up Ismini, you 're quite a catwalker (no actual cats involved)!
Is it my impression or model's weight in 2009 is healthier?IMG_0106
Last minute stress!

To rap it up, this was my favorite backstage experience , not only because the clothes fit my taste, & I am telling ya, one day I'll be posting my new delight dress here, but also because the girls made our life much easier with them being more organized than all designers I've worked with so far!

Once AGAIN: Congrats girlz, & .....all the Best!
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