Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one with the TWISTED skirt!

Ok, I know I 've been long gone & I can't be described as a responsible blogger's role model, but everyday stuff and a stay-over a friend's house kept me from fulfilling my blogging duties!!!
Now I am back for good though,AND with a double outfit....! goodie!
Are you aware of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; they are the same person, in different versions (normal, evil).
There was this skirt I bought, the type I am obsessed with: mini-high waist.
I thought it was a typical skirt.
Little did I know!
The skirt end up having double personality: conservative/secretar-ish during the morning, and quirky and wild at nighttime.

That's what I am talking about...!

Dr. Jekyll:


...all this double personality thing, confused my headbands to an extend they thought they were food!
Check it out:

Ok the second one took it too far....
My stuff are out of control!

BTW, remember all this jelly fuss HERE? I forgot to mention that I actually owned a pair of jelly sandals, and that is because I forgot I ever bought them....IMAGINE!
I am really starting to worry about myself...
So YES in the 2nd picture I DO wear shoes, plastic and transparent ones!

Invisibility cloaks are nothing in front of them... (:P)

Mr Hyde: tunic: ZARA, skirt: ZARA, flats: Marc Jacobs, Bag: ZARA, glasses: Ray-Ban
Dr. Jekyll: tank top: American Vintage, skirt ZARA, bag:TOPSHOP, sandals: FENG-SHOE (2008)

Headbands: Accessorize

Something cute
@Cheeky@ the cat

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