Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenny made it!


Can You Tell the Difference?

For whoever missed me, I AM BACK!
Not as excited as the previous sentence sounds, since my holidays are over and I am back to my daily routine, with 0 appetite to shop!
DAMN RIGHT, my shopping urge is gone, dunno for how long though, all I know is that I WENT to Zara, I SAW, I LEFT, ...just like a new-age Caesar!!!
ANYWAYS, this isn't exactly a fashion-post, since I am gonna narrate my extreme experience when battling the waves of the Greek sea...

I was going to spend my holidays, in Myconos, and get there by a boat,a big one...the traditional way!
Plans changed and I had to travel along with another 4 boys in a 10m dinghy, wearing Kenny's outfit to keep me from getting all wet!
Although the the air was in a 7 Beaufort force, the waves were enormous, and I was being continuously sprayed by sea water, all I could think was...
"God help my clothes not to end up at the bottom of the sea"
...quite reasonable I suppose, since we will eventually get rescued (no sharks in the Greek sea), and the boys didn't equip my suitcase with life jackets as they originally promised to convince me joining them!
The trip went well, we reached our destination 5 and a half hours later, and I would like to thank our precious Captain Stam, my beloved fluorescent raincoat, for keeping my new rocking Zara shirt dry, and for being randomly fashionable...!

Minus the cold and the wetness, it was just like an extended fun fair ride (with no safety insurance though...)


Me & 2 of my 4 bodyguards... lol!


Look-at-that! My nail-polish matches my raincoat !


Battling the waves with rocking attitude!


The most successful DIY!


...& my natural hair (wiax)

KENNY MADE IT THIS TIME, ... and he's trendy after all! for my blogging appetite, it's not yet fully recovered, YET I am back for good!

P.S: Nina Malvada, more details on or next meet-up!


  1. hey! welcome back, enjoy the rest of the summer.

    cannot believe your travel attire, you are brave! I'd be in bodyglove and μπρατσάκια till I stepped my foot on land:)

  2. Welcome back :)

  3. Welcome back:) Mou aresoun para polyy ta oversized gyalia pou foras. Apla, telia!

  4. So glad you didn't ditch us for good for the sea! Welcome back!!! And what??? Walked out of Zara with nothing...oh it really YOU??? What happened to "couldn't resist"??? :)

  5. Welcom back Honey!

    What a funny post! :-)


  6. welcome back!!!!
    aftes einai diakopes...mesa sthn peripeteia!!!:D
    h apoxh apo ta psonia elpizo na perasei k na synel8eis grigora!!

  7. μονο εσυ θα μπορουσες να φορας νιτσεραδα με τοσο στυλ! προσωπικα δεν εχει καταφερει ποτε κανενας να με πεισει να παω ιστιοπλοϊα, ολο αυτο το νερο, το αλατι και ο ηλιος, not my thing!

  8. poly gelio!!!welcome back!!!since you survived we may expect everything from you. eisai mia sygxrovn amazona!!!oh and, since your clothes have survived this, n kardia mou pnge stn 8esn tns. miss u too*

  9. oh my god
    the DIDNT kill kenny

  10. hahahahaha tromeri!!!
    welcome back!

  11. ahaaaa..perimeno koutsobolistikes letomeries (trivo xerakia..)

    to portokali adiavroxo me to mavrisma ta

    oreo to tee :)

  12. soooo funny and fresh post!!!!!teleio to adiavroxo!!!!den iksera oti ta fysika mallia sou einai sgoura...ti glykia pou eisai!!!:D
    welcome baaaackkkkk!!!!!

  13. I love your sunnies and I'd kill to have your natural hair! So pretty! :)

  14. Haha, what a fun post. I can only imagine you in the dinghy with the raincoat. I've always wanted to go to Myconos... heard its incredibly beautiful. Oh, and I can understand the not wanting to shop anymore. After all the sales and going shopping with friends for the last few weeks, I can't say I feel like doing anymore. Just want to swim in the sea at the moment.

  15. you look so sweet :) could you show me some greek fashion blogs?!? maybe your favourites?! 8elo na do ti ginetai stin ellada :D

  16. OMG! Your hair is naturally curly? Who would have known?
    You look amazing as always. I'm glad you survived the furry of the Aegean sea and we have you back in land with us. And don't worry about the not wanting to shop spell. I always get that this time of year. I'm sure you'll get better soon!

  17. suggnwmh giati dn emfanisthke to sxolio mou pu su grafw poso teleia einai ta mallia sou fusika??
    tha ksana grapsw loipon!!!!!!!
    kalws irthessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    missed you 2 honey !!!!!
    polu asteio post kai eilikrina sou paei upervolika to malli etsi se katalabainw pu dn su aresei giati ki emena fusiko spasto-sgouro-spastiko einai alla esena se glykainei apisteuta ftou ftou ftou !!!!!kai ta gyalia sou pane !!!!!!!!

  18. yayyy u r back!
    love the outfit tho! :p
    hope u had a great holidays

  19. Epitelous girises! Mou eleipsan oi entries sou!
    Haha incredibly cute esi me to raincoat ki apo dipla o Kenny!
    Ta sgoura mallia gia tora to kalokairi einai oti pio omorfo, exo na ta isioso 1 mina!
    Kai nai efxaristos na sou kano ma8imata make up, mi nomizeis oti eimai kai expert omos!(youtube yo!)

  20. Zara is overrated ...

    But I loveee Kenny, he reminds me of my nephew, except he doesnt get killed ...

  21. gurisa k vrika 3 posts,niiiice!katarxas krima pu dn sunantithikame sti mykono,dn s esteila gt arrwstise to mykoniataki mu peripu tis meres p ixera oti tha erxosun!allaaa piga scarpa gia melon colada,itan aplws TELEIO!
    kata ta alla oi diakopes su xekinisan me polu periepeteia k elpizw n sunexistikan me polu diathesi!
    ta mallia su einai panemorfa k fusika,dn katalavainw gt dn su aresun..ontws to pio petuximeno diy :P

  22. i LOVE your hair!
    and really cool shirt!!!


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